March 17th-23rd: Action and Assessment

This weekend’s new moon in Pisces could have been described as the shedding moon. This is a time to cast away the things that don’t serve us anymore. Even if there are still things in your life that feel limiting or constrictive, recognizing what makes you feel this way is good work and it will be easier to begin to shift toward a fuller realization of what you seek. A lot of this work will be mental, in that we may have to change the way we think about things, or open up to new perceptions. If we are unwilling to do this work, we can be met with tension. We will likely have to drop judgments about ourselves and others during this time. As the moon begins to wax again on Sunday the 18th, we start to build toward the fiery energy of lunar Aries. While the new moon was for recognizing what you are ready to release, the coming week will be for beginning to implement this. If you are ready to make changes, you will likely need to take inspired action.

The Vernal Equinox is on Tuesday the 20th, bringing spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern. This is the point in the year when the Sun crosses the celestial equator heading north. Energy increases and we strive toward action and activity, or else may feel restless.

Mercury retrograde begins again this Thursday the 22nd. The retrograde period will last until April 15th, with the shadow period extending beyond that until May 5th. The retrograde begins at 23 degrees Pisces and will retreat all the way back to 11 degrees Pisces (on April 15th), when it will resume normal motion and continue making its way forward through Pisces. We don’t reach new ground (beyond 23 degrees Pisces) until May 5th. Mercury normally spends about three weeks in a sign, but because of this retrograde will be in Pisces for twice that time. This is excellent for spirituality, psychic development and sensitivity and empathy toward others, but it may be challenging for work in the material or physical sectors.

Mercury retrogrades are common enough, happening a few times each year, but their energy still impacts a lot of people. Part of this is the strengthening of the retrograde through so many people believing in its power in our society, but also because our society runs on the things that Mercury rules over. Mercury rules over speed, communication and zippy technology. It is highly impatient, and having to be slowed down by the retrograde really muffles its positive qualities. Our society is much like Mercury, in that we live in a fast-paced world and rely heavily on instant communication through our technology. When a retrograde hits, it doesn’t mean that all the computers and phones will go on the fritz (although that sometimes happens!) or that progress of all kinds will stop or slow down. It impacts the energy; anytime an energy pattern is disrupted our reactions to it determine whether that energy will manifest in the physical world. The Piscean retrograde makes this especially so, since the energy is caught up in the intuitive, feeling world of Pisces. We may feel as though our own progress is slowing down, or that it is harder to communicate with those around us. By fighting this energy we manifest situations that exemplify the Mercury retrograde (or at least our perception makes it seem like this is so). This doesn’t mean you should lay back and do nothing during a Mercury retrograde, just that you may need to adjust your expectations. You can still accomplish your goals, but you might have to throw out your time table and make sure that you back up all data. Curves appear on a road that seemed relatively straight before; roadblocks crop up. If you try to barrel through them, you could crash your car and leave your wheels spinning. It may be best to slow down, reassess and figure out an alternate route. This is the best analogy for the Mercury retrograde energy and how to operate within its confines.

The shadow period (April 15th-May 5th) is less intense than the full retrograde time, but requires us to retrace our steps in order to break new ground. We may have to deal with some issues we thought we had already solved, or encounter some familiar faces from the past. This period can be very illuminating, and can allow us to react to these old situations in a new way. Shadow periods are wonderful for breaking old patterns or bad habits, since it is easier to spot them overall.


March 10th-16th: Go Deep

This week belongs to the Piscean waters, with the Sun entering the Vedic territory of Jupiter-ruled Pisces on Wednesday the 14th. The Sun joins Mercury and Venus here in Pisces, which has the impact of heightening our awareness and sensitivity. Pisces is attuned to the collective consciousness and so feels the plight of all of humanity. This is helpful for healing and for delving deeply into situations to understand them on a greater level. Pisces is changeable and oscillates between many facets, so it will be more challenging to remain stable and fixed of purpose while the Sun transits the watery realm (until April 13th).

In order to successfully work with the energies this month, you will need to surrender yourself to the current and allow it to carry you downstream. This requires faith and confidence in your own ability to handle whatever comes your way. It will be difficult to navigate through if you are not willing to dive in deep. Surface level interactions with others will be few and far between. This combination of Sun, Mercury and Venus being in Pisces for the next two weeks will propel nearly every contact we make into the unfathomable depths. This can relate to emotional connections, intimacy or spiritual revelation. As we work through this transit, we will find the ties we have to others may shift or fall away. Jupiter, Pisces’ ruling planet, is currently in retrograde as it passes back through Libra. This retrograde will directly influence the Pisces season, and can rearrange our desires and partnerships in surprising ways. By holding too tightly to previous ideas or expectations, we can create unnecessary suffering for ourselves. This is such a changeable time; if you are not happy with the way things are shifting, hold on – you may discover that they shift back before July when the retrograde ends.

We are working our way toward the new moon in Pisces next weekend, the final new moon of the current astrological cycle. This is a time for shedding, and allowing all that does not serve us to fall away. This may require sacrifice or compromise, but will allow room for renewed passion and energy to come in for the upcoming Aries transit. We will have to look deep into ourselves and allow healing to occur. More on the Piscean new moon to come in next week’s forecast.

March 3rd-9th: Swinging of the Scales

This week begins with Mercury entering Pisces on Saturday the 3rd. Mercury typically only spends a few weeks in a sign, but due to the upcoming retrograde (beginning on March 22nd) the time will be extended, meaning this Mercury in Pisces period will last until May 9th. This is a bit of an unpleasant locale for Mercury to transit, and in Vedic astrology the planet of communication is considered to be debilitated in Pisces. Mercury is a planet driven by logic, technology and analysis. The watery, idealistic, abstract qualities of Pisces tend to confuse Mercury, who prefers a more direct approach. During this two month period, there will tend to be a line of conflict between rational thinking and more intuitive or spiritual ways of looking at the world. This conflict can come up between two people, between groups of people or even inside of one’s self. The tendency toward confusion will be greater during this time, so it will be important to be honest and direct with yourself and others as much as you can. The Mercury in Pisces effect is akin to a whirlpool and can sweep us up in its pull. We are likely to experience new and exciting ideas and ways of looking at the world, but we will have to be willing to adjust our beliefs and views accordingly.

Mercury will be aided by Venus, who is also transiting Pisces at this time. Venus is considered exalted in Pisces, and will be able to assist Mercury while the two share the sign. By the time the retrograde hits later this month, Venus will be traveling on to Aries so will leave Mercury alone to handle the disorienting waters of Pisces (starting March 26th). We can prepare for this time by utilizing the positive poles of the Venus in Pisces transit: compassion and empathy for humanity, and a cosmic creative connection that allows us to spread beauty and art that is divinely inspired. We can spread this in both a literal creative way and also in the way we approach the world, by staying connected to the source.

Mars provides a fire as it steps into Sagittarius on Wednesday the 7th; this transit will last until May 2nd. Mars aids us on the physical plane by giving us motivation, energy and momentum. The Sagittarian flavor will provide us with a restless sort of wanderlust and need to expand our horizons. We may wish to break out of old routines or let go of limiting beliefs that kept us feeling trapped and cornered. Mars in Sagittarius desires unlimited horizons and open skies. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius as well, and will influence Mars as it shifts toward conjunction with Saturn. Any time Saturn enters into a conjunction with a planet, it sobers its energy and will require it to take on more structure and boundaries. This is a strange effect when it takes place in Sagittarius, since the sign usually rejects limitations. We may need to balance out our desires for expansion with the more linear timetables of Saturn. Saturn will aid Mars by keeping the fiery energy from overextending and burning out, but we will need to exercise patience as it will also slow down the process. While Mars in Sagittarius will make us want to leap forward, Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us that we should wait until we are sure we have some solid ground to land on.

This big week continues as Jupiter enters the retrograde cycle on Thursday the 7th. This retrograde takes place in the sign of Libra, and will last until July 10th. Jupiter is currently located at 29 degrees Libra, the final degree. When a planet is at this 29 degree mark, there is a sense of discomfort as it seeks to cross into the more stable 0 degree placement of the following sign. It’s a bit like the elements in the periodic table that seek out that extra electron in order to stabilize. Jupiter gets halted in its tracks because of the retrograde and will slide all the way back to 20 degrees Libra before resuming direct motion in July. Jupiter in Libra has encouraged us to expand our partnerships and relationships with others, but here in the retrograde period there is some shakiness. Jupiter may act in unpredictable ways as it retraces its steps. Our connections with others may shake apart, reform or dissolve entirely. We may feel uninspired in certain configurations and choose other ones that seem unexpected. The need for balance may manifest in surprising ways. The Libran scales swing back and forth during this four month period, which is bound to keep us on our toes. This should primarily affect working relationships and creative partnerships.

February 24th-March 2nd: Revelation

This week is primarily about the building up of energy toward the full moon on Thursday the 1st, which will be at 18 degrees Leo in the Vedic calendar. Full moons are culminations of the past month’s lunar cycle, and this one centers around the image we show to the public. There could be a change in how we wish to be perceived, or in how those close to us view us. This could come into conflict with the face we show the world. This is a highly creative full moon that can provide a lot of fiery energy to complete projects or begin to undertake an old project on a whole new level. We may have to reveal parts of ourselves that were previously hidden, which can feel uncomfortable and strange. Leo full moons connect us to our inner child, and it can be a useful exercise to allow ourselves to consider the wishes of the childlike part of ourselves in balance to the more logically minded adult.

The karmic nature of the Leo full moon can be examined if we look at the lunar mansion this full moon takes place in, Purva Phalguni. This nakshatra (lunar mansion) in Leo enhances sensual pleasures, abundance and the creative force. In the karmic wheel of all things, unfulfilled desires lead us toward continued time on the earth plane. This nakshatra is one of reaping rewards and creating matter on this plane, but the downside is that it can highlight the dual nature of reality. That which can be created can also be destroyed, or at least it may appear so from our vantage point. The way out of this is to recognize that transformation is a fact of life, and nothing that once existed can ever really be destroyed. By holding on too tightly to transient things we can create unnecessary suffering for ourselves and others.

Venus enters Pisces on Friday the 2nd, where it will stay until the 26th. Venus is considered exalted while transiting Pisces, and so this should be a pleasant yet brief transit. Venus enters into a parivatana yoga with Jupiter in Libra during this transit, as the two planets are each in the sign that the other rules over. This is an energetic exchange that allows the two planets to team up and work together. Some planets play more easily together, and Venus and Jupiter are definitely amicable with one another. This exchange brings in a heightened spiritual quality to the way we express love, and connects us with those on a similar wavelength. The drive to travel is heightened, although some may find a way to explore through study, meditation or simple connection with others. Venus will transit Pisces alongside Mercury, providing ample creative inspiration for the duration.

February 17th-23rd: Tap In

This is a very quiet week astrologically, with not much happening save for lunar transits. These types of respites are useful for taking a breath, and checking in with the body and subtle energetic systems to see where you are at and where it is you’d like to go. By delving in and becoming present, it is then a lot easier to flow with more intense transits as they arise. It may be useful to look into your own personal Vedic transits this week (the free app AstroSage is beneficial if you want a brief overview).

We begin the weekend with Mercury in superior conjunction to the Sun at 5 degrees Aquarius. This is a fleeting moment, as speedy Mercury will pull away and run forward in the zodiac, chasing after Venus. As with any solar conjunction, the superior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun will lessen the powers of the planet. The light of the Sun can feel inspiring and uplifting, but it may be difficult for thoughts to connect or to communicate properly with others. Technology may have some glitches. This will recede as Mercury creates more distance from the Sun, and by Monday the 19th the capacity for mental clarity increases.

The moon enters Pisces on Sunday the 18th. As the Earth’s satellite waxes, the Piscean energy allows us to connect deeply with the cosmic sea. This is an excellent time to meditate, and get in tune with the inner self and cosmic consciousness of humanity and the universe. This process is different for everyone and may not be so esoteric as it sounds. While some may prefer lighting a candle and sitting in silence, others may enjoy taking a bath, or going for a walk in nature. The ways and means will differ, but the experience is one of communion that aligns you with the undercurrent of life, the true center.

This Piscean lunar transit takes us to Tuesday the 20th, when the moon shifts into Aries. The gandanta knot between Pisces and Aries is especially noticeable, since they are the last and first signs of the zodiac. The domain here takes us from the lunar mansion Purva Phalguni into Aswini. Purva Phalguni is the world tree goddess, akin to the tree of life. Here we are in touch with the roots and offshoots of creation. Aswini requires more grounding and is much more centered in the here and now, and as this lunar mansion is entered into on Tuesday there is a sharp snap-back if you are sensitive to such things.

Aries moon transits are useful for taking action; we shift into the Aswini lunar mansion at the first degrees of Aries, which is called the horse mansion. Like a horse, we charge forward, maybe without even knowing which direction we are moving in. The energy of Aswini pulls us into impulse and can create a restless sensation.

Wednesday belongs to the Bharani mansion of Aries as the moon continues its transit here. The Bharani mansion is passionate and artistic. Early Vedic astrologers believed when the moon transited this sign that turbulence would emerge in order for humans to hone their skills of compassion. Those born during this time are said to have powerful shamanic abilities, making this a great day for connecting with nature and animals.

Thursday and Friday the moon will be in Taurus, providing a bit more centering and the ability to tap into worldly ambitions with a little more ease. This is the last week of the Aquarian parade of planets, as Venus will shift into Pisces at the start of March. Enjoy the electric current of Aquarius and allow your imagination and ideas to soar into outer space.

February 10th-16th: Eclipse Shift

The moon transits the Sagittarius constellation this weekend, giving us the archer’s strength and exuberance to tackle tasks that might be otherwise overwhelming. The restless spirit of Sagittarius when coupled with the more internally focused lunar luminary can be useful for achieving understanding of blocks and fears that we may be carrying. Carnelian is a particularly agreeable stone to this energy and allows us to transmute the internal blocks into outward energy that can then be burned off and away. Meditating with or carrying carnelian or golden beryl will utilize the positive qualities of Jupiter (Sagittarius’s ruler) this weekend.

On Tuesday the 13th, the moon moves on into Capricorn just as the sun enters the domain of Aquarius. This is going to be a big week for the sun and moon as we gear up for a partial solar eclipse and new moon in Aquarius on Thursday. The sun is racing along the ecliptic toward Venus, who is just a few degrees ahead, having entered Aquarius last week, with Mercury towing just behind. The three tend to move closely together throughout the zodiac, but they are all within conjunction at present which is a bit overwhelming. The Sun’s radiance can create a lot of light, but can completely cover up the Mercurial and Venusian energies when in conjunction. In the realm of Aquarius, we find our interpersonal relationships a bit more challenging. Mental energy moves fast and is able to reach extremely far out places. New ideas zap in, in an almost electric way. The absence of Venus and Mercury makes it harder to bring these down to earth. We may find a way around this by choosing to simply embody them rather than trying to convince others of them. This will work by living as an example of light rather than trying to explain to someone what light is, for instance. It may be challenging to hold your tongue if others don’t pick up on this, but Aquarius vibrations allow for a glimpse of the bigger picture. Keep this larger scope in mind in order to avoid getting sucked into arguments rooted in limited ways of thinking. The moon in Capricorn will provide the willpower to hone your focus, should you need.

Thursday the 15th is a big day. We begin with Mercury entering Aquarius, which we discussed a bit earlier. Mercury is a zippy planet and only spends a few weeks in each sign, unless a retrograde holds it there longer. The planet will tour Aquarius until March 3rd, when it enters Pisces. This Aquarian visit will become gradually more noticeable as Mercury gets out from under the shadow of the sun. By later in February we will begin to more easily hone the attributes of Mercury in Aquarius: electric communication, and almost telepathic links with others.

The new moon in Aquarius and solar eclipse in Aquarius is the second in a pair of eclipses this year, with another set coming this July. In these pairs of eclipses, there is said to be a sort of energy shift that opens up at the rise of the first and then closes on the second eclipse. This particular eclipse shift (which began during the lunar eclipse on January 31st) focused around delving into the shadow self. As we emerge out the other side, we can choose to remain in these shadows or integrate what was learned and take a step forward. The Aquarius new moon and solar eclipse this week call us toward the new and innovative. We may have to take a chance and let go of something we’ve clung to for a long while. This can feel painful but allows us to be unencumbered as we journey onward. Allow the weight to fall off of you. The Cancer eclipse from the end of January reminds us to remember what we’re letting go, but not to dwell upon it. New opportunities are arising, but it’s up to you to take the plunge and move into the wild unknown.

February 3rd-9th: Toward Unity

The weekend begins with the Sun moving into conjunction with Ketu at 20 degrees Capricorn. When a planet is in conjunction with the Sun, it is said to be combust, meaning the energy of the Sun tends to take over the energy of the planet or planetary body. Ketu is our karmic past and represents the lessons we have already learned that we often cling to for safety. Under the influence of the Sun for the next two or three days, Ketu takes on a brighter and more radiant role in our lives. We may be called on to look at the path we have already traveled, and this nostalgia is usually comforting and enlightening. In stark contrast to the heavier shadow work of last week’s transits, this is fairly comfortable and safe, depending on our own reactions and how we deal with our fears. It can be useful to look back on our past in order to better understand where we are standing in the present.

The moon is in Virgo for the duration of the weekend, entering Libra on Monday. The weekend is useful for organizing and simplifying things. It can feel pleasant to devise a system to help you focus; i.e. coming up with a new routine, installing organizational bins in the closet, or simply spending some time tidying up the area around you. Analysis and data work can flow a little easier this weekend.

On Tuesday the 6th, Venus enters Aquarius, where it will stay until March 1st. Venus is still in fairly close conjunction to the Sun, and this of course means it is in combustion. This combustion of Venus has been going on since before the new year, and has caused the planet of love and beauty to feel a bit smothered by the solar energy. In Aquarius, Venus will gain some ground and will be able to stand on her own two feet away from the influence of the Sun come February 19th. Venus is comfortable in Aquarius, more so than during the Capricorn transit. The Aquarian zone allows Venus more room to breathe and spread out. Aquarius is centered around expanding concepts and ideas, mental energy that electrifies and shakes up the system. Venus here can be utilized through arts and music and through new and exciting ways to express oneself creatively. Over the coming weeks this will need to become more centered around working with others and unifying with the cosmic whole as opposed to personal and ego-centered creation. This will not get us very far, particularly because of the humanitarian overtones of the Aquarian transit.

The moon enters Scorpio on Thursday the 8th, where it will remain through Friday. Scorpio lunar transits are useful for diving deep and exploring what is hidden. It is a good time for exploring the psyche or connecting with someone on a more intimate level. Scorpio moon cycles make it challenging to stay at a shallow surface level; even the most minor interactions take on a more intense flavor. If you are a sensitive person this may be a bit challenging to deal with, but the capacity for greater understanding and empathy is heightened and so it may be worth making the effort.



January 27th-February 2nd: Shadow Work

This weekend our mental focus begins to get more singular as Mercury shifts into Capricorn on Sunday the 28th. The more expansive transit through Sagittarius gave us a lot of ideas and excitement to implement these, while Capricorn will provide a more solid ground to build from. Mercury will be in Capricorn through February 15th. This time is useful for planning, organizing and beginning to shift toward a more responsible outlook that will allow for more abundance to flow. It is easier to not get too hung up on emotions during this time, or at least be able to set them aside in favor of getting things done. Students will find that their capacity for memorization and integration of information can increase throughout the next couple weeks.

We are building up to a full moon on Wednesday the 31st in the sign of Cancer. While the Sun transits Capricorn, the traditional “father” sign of the zodiac, and the moon shifts to Cancer, the “mother”, we often find duality in its many forms coming up in our lives. This may be so literal as to actually involve our own parents or ourselves as parents, or more figurative and connected to the duality of this realm. The many facets of ourselves are called together to become integrated. This process may be challenging, because it may seem as though each part is so separate from the other that there is no way they can work alongside each other. In our society it is especially difficult to feel this duality pull; for instance, it may be a challenge to be a sensitive, emotional person and also successful in the traditional sense. This full moon requires not an obliteration of one part of ourselves but a total integration and harmony.

This full moon in Cancer is especially notable because there is a lunar eclipse taking place. The eclipse will be most visible in the hours before dawn on Wednesday, particularly in the southwestern US/northwestern Mexico and parts of Central America. This enhances the theme of duality, and embracing our shadow selves as part of us. What is meant by a shadow self? This term refers to the parts of our psyche we may not show to others, that we deem as too “dark” or volatile. This is directly connected in to our ideas of vulnerability. We choose not to show these sides of ourselves out of fear of what may happen. What will others think of us? Could they handle the truth? In embracing our shadow selves, we are not necessarily letting all this anger or sadness come bubbling out for the world to see. Rather, we are forgiving ourselves for holding it and loving even these most guarded parts of ourselves. By doing this work we are allowing ourselves to step into a greater capacity for empathy, for not only ourselves but for others as well.

The full moon/lunar eclipse in Cancer takes place right beside the Beehive star cluster in the head of the Cancer crab constellation. The Beehive gives a sort of moody overlay to the full moon that can create an internal buzzing and restlessness. The qualities of the Cancerian crab are tempered by the positive poles of Capricorn: stability, physicality and tenacity. If you are feeling these mood swings during the full moon, consider physical exercise to help keep you grounded and centered.

Friday the 2nd is an interesting day because it is the midpoint between the winter solstice and vernal equinox. This is why the American folklore places Groundhog Day on this date in particular. The zodiacal light is visible this evening, which is a phenomena that is a bit similar to the glow of the Milky Way (though it is visible far less frequently, with viewing dates only in late winter and early spring). The reflection of ice and dust particles from the solar system reflects and creates a sort of cone-shaped column of light in the sky that is only visible away from city lights and moonlight. You can view this just above the western horizon this evening after sunset.

January 20th-26th: Inward, Outward

This week starts out a dreamy one – a bit slower moving and more lackadaisical. There are actually very few large planetary transits occurring, and so we may feel the effects of the moon a little more intensely throughout the next several days. The moon’s work is mostly internal and reminds us to get back in touch with our root self. This could be an emotional process, and requires some degree of trust and surrender. Dream work, or connecting to the core self through meditation and lucid dreaming, can be done with a little more ease on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday while the moon is in Pisces.

The Piscean moon offers us a glimpse of the pulse of our planet’s energy right now. Pisces, being the 12th sign, has a near omniscient presence that allows us to see through the veil into Source. To see into humanity’s present plight and suffering requires both empathy and divine understanding. Of course, this work is open to anyone who chooses to engage with it, but it does require a conscious choice. Labradorite is a very useful and gentle stone for working with the energy of humanity (and for the planet itself, along with its natural world) without being depleted by what you find.

We are aided by Jupiter this week, as the large planet becomes the brightest point of light in the night sky on Tuesday the 23rd. You can find Jupiter transiting the Libran constellation, making the stars around it appear extremely dim in comparison. Jupiter appears as a call to evolution, and to the reminder of loving-kindness as a means of overcoming stagnancy. Much of the themes I mention here are being worked through inwardly; this week’s astrology doesn’t lend itself particularly to loud or public displays until Friday. We are able to enact greater change by applying these principles to ourselves first.

The moon is in Aries from Wednesday through Friday, when it enters Taurus. This Aries transit, though brief, shakes up the heavy haze of the surreal Piscean waters. We may be called to action or feel impatient to get on with something we’ve been planning or working through mentally for some time. This is aided by Uranus having moved to the 0 degrees Aries point this week during its retrograde (which just completed on January 4th). Jyotish astrology does not address Uranus and the other outer planets typically, but I will briefly mention that 0 degrees Aries is the first degree of the entire zodiac system. This is extremely noticeable and its energy cannot be ignored. The point between Pisces and Aries at 0 degrees is a gandanta knot. The gandanta, or karmic knot exists between any fire and water sign (so Pisces/Aries, Cancer/Leo, Scorpio/Sagittarius) and is very uncomfortable for the transiting planet to cross. Having Uranus sitting on this point for several days is bound to create a restless, unsettled feeling. This transit has been bringing shake-ups in leadership and authority. The DIY mindset will continue to thrive over the coming months; communities would rather take matters into their own hands rather than relying on a figurehead or institution to provide help.

On Friday the 26th, the moon enters Taurus and transits the Hyades star cluster. This is considered the fixed star cluster of civil unrest and disobedience, located in the face of Taurus the bull . We are likely to see more activists coming forward during this time, and the energy shifts greatly from the more gentle inner work of the beginning of the week. Attention turns outward toward evoking and provoking change. This is all part of a bigger karmic picture, but remember to continue your inner evolution, as this will guide you in the outer world with more grace and ease.

January 13th-19th: Capricornian Values

Capricornian themes abound this week as the Saturn-ruled sign comes into prominence. Our attention turns toward stability and building a solid foundation for ourselves as Venus enters Capricorn on Saturday the 13th. Creative relationships and close partnerships shift towards material pursuits and tangible, security-related goals. Venus and the Sun have been moving together through the zodiac for the past week, and will continue to do so until mid-February. Venus then, is considered to be in combustion until this conjunction breaks apart. The Sun’s energy is overpowering Venus’s in a very real way right now. This feels very yang or masculine-tinged, with action, security and power taking precedence over intuition, emotion and natural manifestation. The desire to force things into being, or to exact change from situations that are not ready to allow it, will be high this week.

This is exacerbated as the Sun joins Venus in Capricorn on Sunday the 14th. The term that springs to mind is “cutthroat”, as this interplay of energies appears to force some to reach out for their goals, no matter the consequences. Reactivity follows, and then the situation continues to spiral deeper with the egoic self growing stronger all the while. It will be important to make use of the New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday the 16th. The positive pole of Capricorn can be visited by glimpsing its negative (which in many ways, is still a mirror). We may become more focused and capable by recognizing the ways in which we are still scattered and overwhelmed. We will become more grounded and abundant by seeing that which holds us back from being so. This is the work of the new moon.

The new moon takes place in the Uttara Ashadha nakshatra, or lunar mansion. This mansion is the one of a quiet, composed and dignified leader who remains calm in times of strife. We are further reminded of this if we look at the current most prominent constellation in the northern hemisphere’s sky, Orion the Hunter. Orion climbs the southern sky a little after 10pm, and stands as a lone huntsman whose own ego became his downfall. This reminder shines bright above us. Our ego disconnects us from our true nature, and is little more than an elaborate, dizzying act. We may take on roles that we believe society or those close to us have assigned to us, and these build up into something that we do on a loop, out of habit. It is enough now to recognize these as they arise in us; we don’t have to completely dismantle our egoic selves as this is, more likely than not, impossible.

On Wednesday the 17th, Mars enters Scorpio which adds an acid-tinge to harsh words. Be careful in your dealings with others, because it may be hard to overcome such arguments later on. The positive side of this transit, which lasts until March 7th, is the boost of energy. Mars is quite content here in the sign it rules over (on the Vedic side of things at least) and allows for a lot of physical stamina and creative inspiration that will need to be directed. If it is not given a proper avenue to be released in, the Scorpion sting will be felt. Allow yourself to open up to where your personal energy is flowing, and direct it in a calm and loving way rather than forcing yourself into situations which only serve to empower your egoic self. It will be important to set realistic goals during this time, particularly in the realms of career and creativity, as the feeling of accomplishing things will be helpful. Otherwise, Mars makes us feel restless and as though we are sitting by idly (even if this is not true). Open up and take action towards something that feels authentic and true for you, even if it is something small and seemingly easy to complete.