July 16th-21st: Bird’s Eye View

On Sunday, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, joining Mars and Mercury in the watery domain. With these three celestial bodies traversing the emotional realms of Cancer, we will find our thoughts more emotionally driven over the next week. For those who are not fully aware of their own thoughts and feelings, this could manifest as a sudden influx of fear, anger or sadness, even if there is no overt reason for this to occur. If you are more open to examining the uncomfortable aspects of self, you may begin to notice blockages and the path to release. These emotions are coming forward so that they may be healed and ultimately let go. It will likely be unpleasant to process, but this is a useful exercise that will allow for personal growth and shifts.

Monday the 17th sees a harsh Mars/Uranus aspect that has been building over the past week. Change is happening swiftly, and will carry along those that cling too hard whether they are ready or not. This dynamic takes place between the constellations of Cancer and Aries. Forthcoming, pioneering Aries will contact with intuitive, nurturing Cancer and serve to shake up the system. Traditions and values will be flipped topsy-turvy on their heads this week. While they will have a chance to right themselves by next weekend, they may not look the same. This will likely manifest as the ability to see outside of group thought from an objective bird’s eye view, and can extend from families and friend groups to larger communities, religions, countries, societies, etc.

There are a couple pleasant creative transits this week in the form of a Venus/Jupiter contact on Tuesday and a Mercury/Saturn contact on Wednesday. Great strides can be undertaken on artistic and creative projects, as well as new businesses. Even businesses or organizations that have already been established can use these transits to bring in new, fresh energy and make useful and lasting changes. The Venus/Jupiter connection allows us to dream big and make powerful contacts and connections, while Mercury and Saturn team up to bring strength to the organizational and behind the scenes aspects. It is important to remember that these transits will not drop anything into our laps. It is up to us to take inspired action and enact these changes ourselves. The planets simply help to set the stage for us; we are the actors responsible for carrying out the scene.

On Friday the 21st, Mercury enters fiery Leo. Moving from Cancer into Leo, Mercury goes through the Gandata zone. In sidereal astrology, the Gandata is also called the cosmic knot and is the degree point in the zodiac between a water and fire sign. When a planet crosses this threshold, it can feel painful and strange, even to those who are not tracking astrology or are aware of it at all. Mercury making this journey could create a strain in communication for a short time. As Mercury makes it over this imaginary point, it will enter Leo and connect into the inspiration axis. The next two months will be a great time to speak up, perform and be heard. Mercury will take an extended vacation here in Leo, since the next Mercury retrograde will keep the planet here for longer than it usually spends in a sign. This is a great time to communicate on a more public level or share something that has been private with others, such as a book you have been writing, an idea you’ve been working on alone, etc. Relations with children and animals are heightened during this two month period.


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