July 29th-Aug 4th: Cosmic Suspension

This is an extremely quiet week astrologically, and provides a needed period of rest prior to the intense forecasts we will be seeing in August. There are no planetary shifts into new signs, and no major planetary contacts this week. There are a couple minor things to note, but on weeks like this it is a good idea to flow with the energy. As with last week, taking some time to relax in whatever way is suitable for you is the best way to make use of this time. This is a suspended moment in the cosmos where we can recharge and emerge next week feeling more energetic and ready to take on the onslaught of activity coming our way.

The Sun and Mars are spending some time in a celestial game of tag this week. While these two luminary bodies typically don’t stray too far from one another, Mars is making an effort to outrun the Sun. We will feel this in our bodies to some degree and it can manifest as restlessness, agitation or exhaustion. Mars is already an active planet, but when it increases the gap between itself and the Sun, there can be an almost compulsive need to take action when in fact the thing we most need is to take some time to regroup.

The Sun is spending most of the week in the Ashlesha nakshatra, which is represented by the serpent. Poised, coiled and observant, the serpent sees deep into situations and is cunning and sly. In a period of relative inactivity, the brain is soothed and may become quieter. From this vantage point, it becomes easier to look into situations with objectivity to reveal deeper truths.

It must be mentioned that rest and relaxation are not the same for everyone. What is deeply relaxing to one person (for instance, going for a walk in nature) may be stressful or tiring to another, who would prefer to lie down in bed and listen to a guided meditation tape. Find what works for you and what provides you with a sense of mental stillness and muscle relaxation. We are prepping for an extremely active August, so finding ways to work this into your schedule now will be useful in being able to glide through the energies relatively unaffected.


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