August 12th-18th: Dig Deep

This week, speedy Mercury is brought to a theoretical halt at 17 degrees Leo. The planet of communication will spend the next three weeks on a retrograde cycle, taking place entirely in the sign of Leo, finally resuming direct motion on September 5th at 5 degrees Leo. The early stages of this retrograde period will be extremely noticeable because of how fast Mercury has been cruising along this summer. Creative projects could spin out, or communication regarding collaborations on the business or art level may be met with confusion. If you try to move along at the pace you were going, there may be a sudden wall in your path where there once was none. We all go through Mercury retrograde a couple times every year, so this energy is familiar enough. It requires us to slow down, take a few steps back and remain patient.

On Sunday, the Sun and Saturn aspect one another in a helpful, positive way. Saturn’s beneficial qualities are brought out by the solar energy, and we are able to buckle down and stabilize more than in recent weeks. Saturn provides us with a grounding energy that is great for tackling projects and items on a to-do list. This energy pairs well with Mercury retrograde, as Saturn’s keen eye catches what Mercury may have missed. Slow yourself down a little and communication and technological glitches will be brought to a minimum.

On the Vedic calendar, the Sun enters its home domain of Leo very early on Thursday the 17th. The Sun rules over Leo, and is extremely comfortable here. It is free to openly shine, and wants to be seen and heard. Connect with others through generosity and charity. Appreciate others to be appreciated yourself. There is a subtle desire for attention this month, and it will likely come out in very different ways for each person. Appreciation and gratitude is the key that will unlock each communication difficulty this month.

The big news this week occurs on Friday. Rahu and Ketu, the Vedic node points, are changing signs for the first time since January 2016. Rahu will be entering Cancer and Ketu will be entering Capricorn, where they will be through March 2019. The last time these nodes were on the Cancer/Capricorn axis was in January 1999-August 2000. Ketu is actually fairly content in Capricorn, pairing up with Cap’s ruler Saturn to bring access to a certain level of career and business stability that has been harder to come by for the past couple years. Ketu grounds in here and gives us solid footing, but could cause us to get caught in material world considerations and leave little room for imagination. This placement will allow for a lot of big changes that will have more staying power. There will be very little back-peddling over the next year and a half.

Rahu in Cancer is a little more awkward. In Vedic mythology, the moon (which rules Cancer) is frightened of Rahu. As Rahu will spend the next year and a half in the moon’s domain, we are brought face to face with our own fears. We may have to confront emotions we are uncomfortable with. This can be very intense, and it is important to reach out to others instead of thinking we can handle it all on our own. Everyone will be going through this to some extent, and so coming together with others will make it easier to navigate these dark lunar thoughts. Some may become outwardly manic under this influence because they are seeking guidance and help. Enter into these interactions with compassion as your main motivator. The influence of Ketu can increase the need for power and dominance in some, so temper this with the positive aspects of Cancer (intuition, sensitivity and nurture) to overcome those who seek to divide.

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