August 26th-September 1st: Breathing

Allow yourself to take a breath. After the last few weeks of busy cosmic activity, we may be feeling dizzy, overwhelmed or just plain exhausted. This week there is a rest period, or at the very least things will seem to be moving at a slower pace. This will allow us the opportunity to rejuvenate and take a moment for ourselves. Although some people require more relaxation and quiet than others, even those who are typically fueled by activity and socialization can benefit from spacing out their plans more this week. Flowing with the energy will allow us to be more effective.

On Saturday the 26th, the Sun and Mercury meet in conjunction at 9 degrees Leo. Mercury is never too far away from the Sun, and they are often dancing around each other in their journey through the zodiac. For the last couple weeks Mercury had zoomed ahead of the Sun, which made the need to communicate feel all the more urgent. Now that the planet of technology and mental activity is in retrograde, it zipped backwards to where the Sun was on its trajectory, and will allow it to move on ahead as it continues its backwards journey through the sign of Leo. On Saturday, some of the retrograde activity is lessened by the contact with the Sun. This is an ideal day to take care of any misunderstandings that you’ve been having with others. Technological or electrical issues that have been puzzling or frustrating could be seen in a new light this weekend. On Sunday, it’s back to the full force of Mercury retrograde for another 10 days.

Mars crosses the gandata knot (the point between a water and fire sign in the Vedic zodiac) on Sunday and enters the sign of Leo. It joins the Sun, Mercury and Rahu here. Mars is happy in the sign of Leo (much happier than it usually is in Cancer, where it’s been for the past few weeks). The gandata knot crossing often brings some emotional flare-ups, and since Mars is the planet that rules the physical body, physical illness could come up as well. It’s important not to push ourselves too much. As soon as Mars is in Leo, it may feel appropriate to take action immediately. After spending a few weeks in the more gentle, emotional waters of Cancer, this could be a shock to the system if we don’t pace ourselves. Mars in Leo puts on a good show. Sporting events and competitive games will be apt to be more exciting. Exercising in groups or in public (at a class or gym rather than at home) may be more appealing over the next few weeks.

On Monday the 28th, Jupiter and Saturn meet in a beneficial contact to one another. Saturn stationed direct after its long retrograde cycle last week, so is retracing its path through Scorpio. Saturn is a slow moving planet, taking about 8-14 days to make it through one degree of the zodiac. If it makes a contact with another relatively slow moving planet (which Jupiter is), then this energy will hold for a week or two. The next 7-14 days then, will hold this pleasant Jupiter/Saturn energy. Jupiter calls on Saturn to expand, as it does to any planet it communes with. In a positive framing (as this aspect is a sextile), this will make planning easier and will increase our scope of vision. It will be easier to see the big picture and to come up with concrete, stable ways to reach our loftiest goals. This energy works best when we share it with others. Travel, learning and mind expansion will be the focus, but Saturn allows us to really ground in and keep a level head as we take on the fresh and novel.


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