September 9th-15th: In the Air

This week focuses heavily on relationships and partnerships, in addition to the personal transformations that most of us are already experiencing. While we are all going through our own growth and changes, our attention shifts toward our connections with others and the unique goals of each of these ties.

It’s a relatively quiet weekend astrologically, with the effects of last week’s rebuilding period continuing to be felt. Come Tuesday the 12th, we are due for a shake up. Jupiter exits Virgo and enters the sign of Libra on this day. Jupiter is a fairly slow moving planet, and so spends around one year in each sign. It transited Virgo beginning in August 2016, and over these past 13 months there has been more attention placed on health, diet and service toward others in these fields and beyond. During this time, many people chose to make lifestyle changes or were forced to based on the state of their health. There was also a greater emphasis on aiding others, or extending support through care and awareness. Virgo is more of a solitary sign than Libra, so as Jupiter enters Libra on the 12th, we may find ourselves getting pulled more into the social arena. Jupiter expands any area it touches, and Libra is the sign of partnership. We may be called on to learn and study in groups, or shift from solitary work pursuits to those conducted in pairs or teams. Libra is the sign of justice, and so great strides can be made in the areas of social justice and legality. It will be fairly impossible to close yourself off from the world, unless you are doing so with others. Jupiter will transit Libra until October 2018, giving us some time to accomplish our tasks. When Jupiter spends time in an air sign, the mind is strengthened and curiosity increases. Our capacity to learn and acquire knowledge expands under the sweeping effects of the largest planet in the solar system.

On this same day, Venus and Saturn meet in beneficial harmony. This will add a sobering effect to romantic encounters, providing stability, grounding and shifting attention to more “real world” matters. It is less a time for idle daydreaming and more for getting things done. Venus is not only the planet of romance, but of aesthetic arts and beauty as well, and so any artistic projects or shopping done today can be planned out, budgeted and aligned with personal aspirations.

On Wednesday, Venus conjuncts the shadowy figure of Rahu. Our partners and those around us become a mirror for the darkness inside of ourselves. If there are issues you are striving to overcome or even recognize, you may see these playing out in the behavior of close friends or family. The first instinct here might be to become annoyed or frustrated with this person, but if you look closely, you are likely to glimpse a connection between their behavior and your own. It is wise to take a step back to reassess before interacting.

On Friday the 15th, Venus enters the sign of Leo, which is currently quite crowded (the Sun, Mercury and Mars are already present there). It will only stay in this sign for about three weeks, but the pull of Leo is strong this month and so the effects of Venus here will feel quite noticeable. Partnerships (romances, friendships, business contacts) will get drawn out into the public eye. There is a chance to engage in more public events and performances, whether our own or those we go out to see others do. This is a creative, fruitful time. Children and animals are brought into focus as well, and we may find ourselves drawn to spending more time with them. Venus assists us in making connections out in the world over the next 3-4 weeks. A playful, lighthearted attitude goes far.


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