September 23rd-29th: Mother Nature

We have a fairly quiet week astrologically, with only one major transit and one planetary shift. Following the Virgo new moon, we are seeing the energy begin to shift toward the Virgo harvest and so our minds may follow suit by becoming more honed and analytical. As more planets enter Virgo, it will be easier to take a step back and examine things without becoming emotionally overwhelmed or involved.

This Sunday (the 24th) Saturn makes a benefic contact with Rahu, the north node of the moon. Both of these planetary bodies are heavy hitters, and so even a deal struck up between them comes with its own fair share of intensity. Saturn is currently transiting Scorpio, and Rahu is situated in Cancer. This trine will impact the emotional sector, since both Scorpio and Cancer are water signs and rule over the emotional and sentimental side of things. Saturn adds grounding to plans and ideals that have been lofty or out of reach, particularly within relationships. We may feel compelled to set boundaries or dissolve existing ones with the people we know and care about. The trine will keep things from becoming too out of hand, and will allow for positive steps to be taken (even if it may not feel like it at first).

Late on Tuesday the 26th, speedy Mercury enters Virgo. Mercury will only spend around two and a half weeks in this sign. Mercury rules over Virgo, and so this is a pleasant placement for the planet of communication. Our mental powers can be sharper, and logic can be utilized without emotional interference. Of course, Virgo is multi-faceted and is a deeply spiritual sign that represents the divine earth mother and Mother Nature in general. With Mercury in her hands, this is an excellent time for literal earth harvesting, planting and growing and cultivating an indoor garden. Even those without green thumbs could learn something new about plants during this time, with the added memory boost from Mercury in Virgo.


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