September 30th-October 6th: Out of the Darkness

The past week or two have been relatively quiet transit-wise, and the coming week will be as well. Before getting into the single notable transit of the week, I would like to take a moment to discuss the trans-Saturnian planets/Pluto.

Traditional Vedic astrologers do not consider the movements of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in their studies. This is because the Vedic astrology texts are ancient, and these planets were not discovered yet at the time of their creation. The Vedic astrology texts themselves were never intended to be changed or expanded, and so traditionalists do not look at these planets when they are predicting or building charts. My astrology calculations are sidereal, but I am not a trained Vedic astrologer. My background was in tropical astrology, which is much more adaptive and easily includes new planetary bodies such as asteroids and other trans-Plutonian objects. I don’t heavily rely on the data from them given their distance from earth, but I do think there is some value in watching their movements.

The reason I bring this up is that Pluto just stationed direct this past week at 22 degrees Sagittarius, having begun its retrograde cycle on April 20th. Pluto is a generational planet, meaning it spends around 12-15 years in one sign. Pluto initially entered Sagittarius in February 2005, and is now on the last leg of its transit. It will finally depart and enter Capricorn in the year 2020. I’ve found this transit to be particularly illuminating through the sidereal calculation lens, so here are my reports:

The function of Pluto thematically is to bring what is hidden into the light. It is slow moving and insidious, and can show up as a desire for power or control. It is deeply transformative, but can sometimes bring about learning through pain or struggle. It often creeps by under the surface, unnoticed. In Sagittarius, we have been dealing with these themes in the arenas of religion, belief and world connections. Pluto’s activities play out on a global scale, although those of us with strong Pluto aspects in our birth charts or during particular transits may feel the effects in our personal lives. Pluto is a karmic planet that brings up painful issues so that they may be examined. The darkness of the Plutonian underworld is contrasted by the beauty of Persephone’s springtime in the original Hadean myth. Pluto is two sides of the coin- yin and yang.

During this retrograde, we have been going through things globally that we may have considered “over” or that we had evolved beyond. Again, Pluto brings what is hidden to the surface and this may not always be pleasant. There has always been a lot of unrest in the world but this year in particular has been rough for many. The opportunity for these issues to be examined is painful, but is the impetus for growth and change. The retrograde served its function by making it feel as though progress was slipping away. Now that we are emerging from that period, observe and remember that in order for darkness to show its face, in doing so it must be exposed to the light. At the end of the next two and a half years, the fifteen year cycle will complete, and usually the themes of that particular cycle will be brought to bear during this time. Pluto problems can be overcome by focusing on unity and clarity. Power struggles are transformed when we are brought together as one, and by being honest and upfront (even with things that are not so pleasant) we are able to avoid the Plutonian secrecy that can result in disaster.

This week we have a Venus and Mars conjunction that lasts for two days, on Wednesday the 4th and Thursday the 5th. When Venus and Mars join forces, we may feel particularly amorous and passionate. The heightened effect results in sparks flying, though this could be volatile for some. There is an increase in physical energy. Venus and Mars meeting in Leo is showy and public. Affection and generosity amplify. There could be some possessiveness over people, projects or business entities. This energy would do well to be let out in exercise or sports rather than sitting and boiling over (and it will for many!). Don’t take others’ tempers too personally this week if you can help it.

The other side to this transit is an increase in creativity and artistic prowess. It’s a brief window, but utilizing it could result in some inspired works.



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