October 7th-13th: Help Yourself

This week is extremely hectic in terms of planets switching signs and transits being activated from planetary movements. In the wake of the full moon in Pisces at the end of last week, we are coming out of the celestial Neptunian waters and many will arise feeling more inspired to take action and passionately reach out toward their goals.

Sunday the 8th brings a Venus/Saturn square transit, which impacts relationships and partnerships in a sobering way. The square is a meeting of energies which feels difficult and trying, as though a wall has been erected in one’s path. This theoretical wall being present will impact relationships of all sorts, and requires us to let go of our grasp on the “right way” to do or accomplish something. By holding onto this, the wall will grow larger and harder to scale. If we move more fluidly today, we are able to reassess and come up with a more effective way to deal with these difficulties with partners and associates.

Monday the 9th is an extremely active day in the cosmos. Venus shifts into the sign of Virgo, where it will remain until November 2nd. This isn’t the most comfortable placement for Venus, as the planet is considered “debilitated” here. This placement goes against the breezy nature of Venus, as analytical Virgo requires us to take a step back from our emotions and approach things from a logistical standpoint. This will remove some pressure from close relationships and associations, in that we have a chance to communicate our feelings rather than being overtaken by them. Venus here is not the head over heels romantic type, which could impact those who are expecting their partners to behave as such during this span.

Monday also brings a Mars/Saturn square, which will last for the next few days. Saturn has been busy squaring the planets transiting the Leo/Virgo cusp this week. Whenever Saturn takes on this role, it feels a lot like an authority figure is reprimanding us, and in the Leo/Virgo realm, this could result in lowered self esteem if we’re not careful. The wall analogy from Monday will apply here today, but this time the roadblocks will impact our drive, energy, physical abilities or new projects. Saturn doesn’t shut down possibilities completely, but instead forces us to deal with what we’re putting out into the world and rethink our approach if necessary. What once worked for us may not be getting us very far anymore. This week, we should take the opportunity to slow down and consider if we require a new plan of action.

On Friday the 13th, Mars joins the Sun and Venus in Virgo, which empties out the sign of Leo. This instantly shifts the cosmic energy to be slightly more private and internal. Mars is going to be here in Virgo until the end of November (the 30th). This allows for progress to be made on our individual selves. Many will prefer to work alone, or to work on tasks that help them evolve personally. This is not inherently selfish, as long as we are doing this work so that we can be more effective in our interactions with others. Taking some time to understand your own inner workings brings near immediate results this month and next.

Friday also sees a shift for Mercury, from Virgo into Libra. Mercury will only stay here for about two weeks, as it is a speedy sign that never stays in one place for too long. Mercury in Libra helps to keep us from becoming too isolated. With all these planets in Virgo, this shift will come as a relief for those who require more interaction with others. Mercury in Libra will open up the communication field, and makes it easier to reach out to others and work together should you wish to do so. The main element here is the introduction of a curiosity and willingness to learn from others that was absent for the past several weeks. This comes as a welcome shift for those who seek collaboration.


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