October 14th-20th: Libran Scales of Balance

While western astrology’s calculations put the Sun in Libra beginning the third week of September, sidereal calculations see the Sun entering Libra on Tuesday October 17th. At this point, the Sun returns to the precise place on the cosmic backdrop of the beginning of the Libran constellation. In sidereal astrology, the sun in Virgo happens to align with the autumn harvest and equinox, the reaping of reward and hard work (a markedly Virgo desire). Now, the Sun enters Libra on the 17th and brings with it the scales of balance. Libra is attracted to beauty and is a peacemaker by nature. Through this transformation from Virgo into Libra, the focus moves from the harvest to the continuation of balance.

Sol/Sun is debilitated in Libra, and so ego humbles and has no choice but to fall before the balanced collective. Those who cling to egoic needs and desires will likely be met by resistance. The Sun is our ego, the self which we show to the world. It is a mask but not one that is consciously selected since it is worn nearly every day without fail by most. Libra represents the divine feminine, beauty and grace. Here in this sign, the masculinity of Sol abrades against the soft Venusian mists of Libra. We must learn to utilize each at once rather than selecting one at a time as an artist selects a paintbrush. By countering action and direction with trust in the universal creative flow, we make it out of any uncomfortable situations.

Thursday brings a New Moon in Libra, with the moon and Sun meeting at 2 degrees Libra. The moon/Luna is in hiding during a New Moon period, figuratively speaking. The light of the sun cannot find her. A Libran new moon is a wonderful time to get in touch with your creativity on a level that is altogether removed from ego. Without the touch of Sol, Luna is cloaked in mystery and magic. Here we touch a part of the divine feminine that is rare and coveted. The eye for beauty found in the Libran sign is available to all, should we be willing and able to cast aside the need for praise or recognition. It is all about the process today, rather than the result.


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