October 21st-27th: Do the Work

Saturn has been sitting at 29 degrees Scorpio for the past week and a half. When a planet is at 29 degrees it is said to bring a certain amount of tension, and with a heavy hitting planet like Saturn, this tension is only magnified. You may notice that if you have any planets at 29 degrees in your own birth chart that there is a certain level of discomfort and anxiety around the issues that particular planet oversees. The same is true for transits.

Saturn will enter Sagittarius on Wednesday the 25th. We had a small window of this earlier in the year, when Saturn dipped into Sagittarius from January 26th through April 5th, before the planet’s retrograde. The retrograde cycle pulled Saturn back into Scorpio until now. Saturn will stay exclusively in Sagittarius until January 2020.

Some of the themes of this two year transit were revealed during that three month window earlier in the year. Saturn transits are personal as well as global and community-based, and so it is impossible to remove the macro-micro outlook when dealing with this transit. Saturn is the overseer of karma, and often brings difficult lessons. It is always good to remember that Saturn doesn’t punish; it only emphasizes cause and effect and makes us take responsibility. Saturn responds well to those who are organized, efficient and grounded. Sometimes it may appear that our stability is in jeopardy or our workload increases exponentially during major Saturn transits. It is a time to take responsibility for ourselves and be certain of our direction in life.

As Saturn enters Sagittarius, the focus will shift to travel, culture, religion/spirituality and learning. Saturn here forces us to reckon with our perceptions about what is “other” – other cultures, religions, beliefs, etc. We have been getting a taste of this on a global and national level this year. The one thing to remember here is that by focusing on “other” we are falling into a trap of duality. Saturn will give us multiple lessons to reveal this, but ultimately what we decide to do is up to us. This is a window to unity, which doesn’t take away from the beauty of culture and spirituality, but instead ties all together like an elaborate tapestry. All are distinct but all are connected.

On a personal level, Saturn in Sagittarius emphasizes learning, travel, abundance and expansion, and new spiritual discoveries. Saturn doesn’t necessarily give hand-outs. If there is a new skill you want to learn, or a personal truth you are seeking to understand, you will likely have to put in the work on a consistent basis. This is a time where you can manifest a lot of abundance, but the work will need to be done. As Saturn rules personal and collective karma, there may be old issues regarding knowledge, belief and expansion that rear their heads throughout this time. It’s important to acknowledge these and not run from them, but not get ensnared in their drama.

On Thursday the 26th, a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Libra brings a brief window for abundance and personal manifestation. This is a good day for action regarding business or creative endeavors, and by remaining positive and spreading that today there can be a beautiful butterfly effect which returns to us in the days to come.


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