November 4th-10th: Algol Rising

My apologies for this forecast being late; we had a storm in the northeast and my house was without electricity for five days. That being said, this was a very quiet week astrologically with only one major transit occurring.

Beginning this week, I will be incorporating the week’s astronomy news into my forecasts. How do astronomical events affect us in an astrological sense? My hope is for this blog to be an informative locale for those seeking both astronomical and Vedic astrological news. The connection between the two will serve us on a greater level, or at least that is my hope.

In this week’s astrology, on Monday the 6th, Saturn and Uranus will meet in a beneficial contact which will last through November 15th. Saturn is sitting at 1 degree Sagittarius and Uranus is at 1 degree Aries. These two outer planets move slowly in comparison to those closer to the Sun, so we often feel their effects on a greater scale and for a longer period of time. This contact occurs between two fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius), and so impacts our energy level, productivity and creativity. Saturn forces us to slow down and reassess, while Uranus pushes us forward with many new ideas. This may feel like two conflicting energies, but the trine between the two planets helps bring balance. While lots of new ideas are coming in, Saturn brings us the discretion in holding back and developing these until they are ready. Sometimes Uranus can drive us forward without much of a plan, which can result in burn-out if we’re not careful. The effect over the next week will allow us to take a step back and time things out appropriately.

In astronomy news, the fixed star of Algol (located in the constellation of Perseus at 26 degrees Taurus) is brighter and more visible this week. The constellation of Perseus depicts the Greek hero carrying the head of Medusa. Algol is located directly in Medusa’s head, and has one of the most unfortunate reputations among astrologers. The word Algol is Arabic and roughly translates to “demon star”. There are many that believe it brings violence and danger when exalted in the heavens. While this may be true to some extent, Algol does have a positive side. The mythos circles around high spiritual development, and the overcoming of dark forces to bring more light into the world. While obstacles may be arising for those of us on a spiritual path, the removing of these blockages through persistance and courage will advance us further than we’ve been able to ascend before. The legend states that Algol contains “high spiritual rays” that confuse and disorient some while greatly impacting others.

Mars is visible before dawn this week, rising three hours before the Sun among the constellation of Virgo. You may look for it in the east if you are in the Northern hemisphere. The rising of Mars in the morning will increase mental activity and energy. This is further exaggerated by the Daylight Savings adjustment. Rising with the Sun will be natural for many, or those who are still asleep may find their dreams offering more lucidity.


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