December 23rd-29th: Inner Life

This week is fairly quiet as far as planetary shifts go, with a seemingly subtle impact. However, the few transits this week revolve around Rahu, the cosmic karmic node. While Rahu works slowly and brings about more gradual change, its reach is wide and its work is more spiritual than material. The shifts are often not immediately apparent unless you are paying close attention.

On Monday the 25th, Venus reaches conjunction with Saturn at 6 degrees Sagittarius. With this transit coinciding with the Christmas holiday, there could be a tendency to burn ourselves out in the company of others. Even those who tend toward the more extroverted end of the spectrum could find themselves feeling sapped by too much stimulation. Sagittarius’s energy busts out of the gate with torches blazing, but quickly depletes itself if not checked and balanced. Themes of commitment vs freedom in relationships may come up for some. It is important to understand your own definitions of these states of mind, in order to properly navigate the issue. The moon is in Pisces on Christmas Day, skirting the edge of the Great Square of Pegasus. This is the double nakshatra (or mansion of the moon) known as Purva and Uttara Bhadrapadas. An auspicious domain for the moon, this transit will assist with communication in both speech and written word. Pegasus rules over the written word and is a totem for writers and communicators. The Piscean moon adds a gentle, otherworldly insight that will aid those who are looking to communicate empathically with those around them.

On Wednesday the 27th, Jupiter hits 22 degrees Libra and enters a square with Rahu at 22 degrees Cancer. Progress on a group karmic level may slow, or have the appearance of slowing. Those who we have close soul connections with may break away from group goals in order to work on personal tasks for a time. The square gives the potential for discomfort, but it is important to focus on private journeys now, which will provide more momentum to the group as a whole later on. Rahu in general forces us out of our comfort zone in order to bring more balance and unity to our soul. This often comes through exposing us to areas that need our attention, which can be uncomfortable.

Neptune is prominent and visible through binoculars during twilight this week in the constellation of Aquarius, just below the star Lambda Aquarii. Neptune’s transit through Aquarius began in December 2009, and we are about four and a half years away from its entrance into the sign it rules over, Pisces (which will occur in April 2022). Neptune’s prominence this week heightens spiritual awareness and also opens up the imagination to be able to explore more fantastical planes of reality.

On Friday the 29th, Mercury comes into trine with Rahu again as it retraces its steps after the retrograde. This is a repeat of the transit from last week, which opens up a channel to being able to communicate our highest goals with others. This will soften the Jupiter/Rahu square considerably, and while private work may still be the focus, we will at least be able to share our plans with others while we break away from the crowd.



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