December 30th-January 5th: Watcher of the East

Happy new year! As we gear up to enter the new solar calendar, we have a couple lunar events that are quite stunning. The first occurs on Saturday the 30th, as the moon transits the constellation of Taurus and enters Gemini.  The moon passes over the fixed star of Aldebaran, eclipsing it in totality between 6 and 7pm EST. Aldebaran in legend represents Archangel Michael, and was called the “Watcher of the East” in former Persia. The ancients believed that this star brought prosperity and riches but a certain level of anxiety and chaos along with it. As the moon eclipses this fixed star (which should be visible through binoculars in the northern hemisphere), the ancients foretold of great honors being bestowed after personal trials are completed. Perhaps this is a theme as we arrive in 2018.

We begin the new year with a full moon in Gemini on Monday January 1st. This will be the biggest and closest full moon in the entirety of 2018 (although not technically considered a “super moon”). The moon reaches peak fullness at 9:24pm EST. At the height of the lunar cycle, this full moon activates the inner urge to fulfill spiritual quests that haven’t been explored for some time. The spiritual, creative urge focuses primarily on knowledge, through accumulation, reassessment and distribution. As we take in new information we are called upon to rethink previous ideas we’ve had. Discernment is key, as there is so much mental energy at the start of the year that it may be confusing what we wish to share and what we wish to keep to ourselves. Chattering away out of nervousness will be a common problem for some, while others may wall themselves off completely from others. Walk the middle line for the best results. It is a time when knowledge has the power to uplift and inspire, or chip away at/destroy. Our words carry weight, and this is what the full moon reminds us of this week.

Earth reaches perihelion on Wednesday the 3rd, or the closest point to the Sun on its orbit (91.4 million miles apart). Getting an extra burst of Sagittarian Sun power brings us a renewed burst of energy and perhaps a case of wanderlust for some. The need to explore new locations or soak up new information through study hits for most. On Thursday the 4th, Mars squares Rahu at 22 degrees Libra. Stubbornness and an inability to work with others is likely the result of this transit. Those who are being pushed too far out of their comfort zones in relationships or business ventures are apt to speak up this week. Though taking a risk may be in their best interest, it will be slow going if you try to force this on them before they are ready. The pull of karma is fought by many people this week. This is a personal journey and shouldn’t be interfered with.

On Friday the 5th, Mars moves into conjunction with Jupiter at 23 degrees Libra, which enhances the feelings of wanderlust sweeping through the minds of many this week. This is less about daydreaming and is more concrete, as Mars desires action and has little patience for future plans. Jupiter encourages expansion and is all about living the “good life”, wanting to soak up as many experiences as possible. While most people are not going to literally book a trip to some exotic locale this week, our minds and bodies will be pushed beyond the normal flow of our daily routines. Whether that moves us to travel, or to shake up our lives in some other way (be it so simple as taking a new route to work this week), this will be on the minds of many both Friday and Saturday. Some may resist the impulse, which will cause a bit of agitation and maybe even some physical dis-ease. Flow with the energy in whatever small way you can, allowing yourself to make the changes necessary to bring yourself into harmony with your own wishes and goals.


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