January 6th-12th: Fog Lifts

This is an active and engaging week for us here on earth as the cosmos swirls above. There is a lot of interaction this week between planetary bodies in the form of conjunctions, and we are apt to feel this intensity here. Of all the astrological transits, conjunctions are the most intense and prominent for those experiencing them, although they can often slip by unnoticed because they feel like they are such a part of us.

First, we begin with a visible Mars/Jupiter conjunction on Saturday the 6th in the sign of Libra. This is the closest conjunction of these two planets for over 13 years (the last time they got this close to one another was in September 2004). This energy is big and while it may feel overwhelming, it can be molded into many shapes and forms with a little direction. The inclination to flail about because there are all too many options or things that need to get done is definitely there, so it will be important to cut through to the core of what you are trying to accomplish. Let the energy guide you and take things one step at a time. This conjunction will last until Tuesday the 9th, when Mars breaks away and moves ahead of Jupiter.

On Saturday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius, where it will stay until January 27th. Mercury is the fastest planet and so the transits can often feel like they are over in an eye blink. In Sagittarius, Mercury will find Venus, the Sun and Saturn. In the course of the next three weeks, Mercury will make conjunction to each of these in turn and then speed on ahead into Capricorn. We are still making our way out of the shadow zone of the Mercury retrograde from the end of last year, which will be over a little later this week. Having Mercury back in Sagittarius will bring in a breath of fresh air and will incorporate a bit more lightness into mental affairs and will encourage collaboration in learning over more heavy, solitary pursuits.

On Sunday the 7th, the Pleiades constellation is on full display in the southern sky around mid-evening. The Pleiades star cluster is associated with 5th dimensional energy and the raising of consciousness to a new vibration. The star cluster being more prominent and visible by the naked eye suggests that these teachings will come up for those who seek them. If you are uninitiated to these kinds of things, pay subtle attention to the connections around you that day. Teachings come in through those closest to us and especially through animals and nature.

Venus reaches combustion on Tuesday the 9th, moving into exact conjunction with the Sun in the later degrees of Sagittarius. Combustion occurs when any planet is in conjunction with the Sun, and its energy is effectively snuffed out until the bond is broken. The Sun’s light is very intoxicating and overpowering, and in conjunction with Venus, we are lured in by beauty and egoic vanity. Venus in her pure form is harder to access until Wednesday, and instead we may reach for inspiration only to come up empty handed. Using the Mars/Jupiter conjunction and approaching things in a more active and educational way may yield better results today.

Mercury finally exits the shadow zone of December’s retrograde on Thursday the 11th, reaching 7 degrees Sagittarius and finally breaking new ground. This will aid with mental fog and confusion, and help sweep away tired patterns and the inability to see beyond what is directly in front of us. We have always had this power, but Mercury retrograde throws out illusions which make it challenging to see straight. With these dissipated, we may see with new eyes and take on problems at work and with creative projects and tackle them fresh.


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