February 3rd-9th: Toward Unity

The weekend begins with the Sun moving into conjunction with Ketu at 20 degrees Capricorn. When a planet is in conjunction with the Sun, it is said to be combust, meaning the energy of the Sun tends to take over the energy of the planet or planetary body. Ketu is our karmic past and represents the lessons we have already learned that we often cling to for safety. Under the influence of the Sun for the next two or three days, Ketu takes on a brighter and more radiant role in our lives. We may be called on to look at the path we have already traveled, and this nostalgia is usually comforting and enlightening. In stark contrast to the heavier shadow work of last week’s transits, this is fairly comfortable and safe, depending on our own reactions and how we deal with our fears. It can be useful to look back on our past in order to better understand where we are standing in the present.

The moon is in Virgo for the duration of the weekend, entering Libra on Monday. The weekend is useful for organizing and simplifying things. It can feel pleasant to devise a system to help you focus; i.e. coming up with a new routine, installing organizational bins in the closet, or simply spending some time tidying up the area around you. Analysis and data work can flow a little easier this weekend.

On Tuesday the 6th, Venus enters Aquarius, where it will stay until March 1st. Venus is still in fairly close conjunction to the Sun, and this of course means it is in combustion. This combustion of Venus has been going on since before the new year, and has caused the planet of love and beauty to feel a bit smothered by the solar energy. In Aquarius, Venus will gain some ground and will be able to stand on her own two feet away from the influence of the Sun come February 19th. Venus is comfortable in Aquarius, more so than during the Capricorn transit. The Aquarian zone allows Venus more room to breathe and spread out. Aquarius is centered around expanding concepts and ideas, mental energy that electrifies and shakes up the system. Venus here can be utilized through arts and music and through new and exciting ways to express oneself creatively. Over the coming weeks this will need to become more centered around working with others and unifying with the cosmic whole as opposed to personal and ego-centered creation. This will not get us very far, particularly because of the humanitarian overtones of the Aquarian transit.

The moon enters Scorpio on Thursday the 8th, where it will remain through Friday. Scorpio lunar transits are useful for diving deep and exploring what is hidden. It is a good time for exploring the psyche or connecting with someone on a more intimate level. Scorpio moon cycles make it challenging to stay at a shallow surface level; even the most minor interactions take on a more intense flavor. If you are a sensitive person this may be a bit challenging to deal with, but the capacity for greater understanding and empathy is heightened and so it may be worth making the effort.




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