February 17th-23rd: Tap In

This is a very quiet week astrologically, with not much happening save for lunar transits. These types of respites are useful for taking a breath, and checking in with the body and subtle energetic systems to see where you are at and where it is you’d like to go. By delving in and becoming present, it is then a lot easier to flow with more intense transits as they arise. It may be useful to look into your own personal Vedic transits this week (the free app AstroSage is beneficial if you want a brief overview).

We begin the weekend with Mercury in superior conjunction to the Sun at 5 degrees Aquarius. This is a fleeting moment, as speedy Mercury will pull away and run forward in the zodiac, chasing after Venus. As with any solar conjunction, the superior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun will lessen the powers of the planet. The light of the Sun can feel inspiring and uplifting, but it may be difficult for thoughts to connect or to communicate properly with others. Technology may have some glitches. This will recede as Mercury creates more distance from the Sun, and by Monday the 19th the capacity for mental clarity increases.

The moon enters Pisces on Sunday the 18th. As the Earth’s satellite waxes, the Piscean energy allows us to connect deeply with the cosmic sea. This is an excellent time to meditate, and get in tune with the inner self and cosmic consciousness of humanity and the universe. This process is different for everyone and may not be so esoteric as it sounds. While some may prefer lighting a candle and sitting in silence, others may enjoy taking a bath, or going for a walk in nature. The ways and means will differ, but the experience is one of communion that aligns you with the undercurrent of life, the true center.

This Piscean lunar transit takes us to Tuesday the 20th, when the moon shifts into Aries. The gandanta knot between Pisces and Aries is especially noticeable, since they are the last and first signs of the zodiac. The domain here takes us from the lunar mansion Purva Phalguni into Aswini. Purva Phalguni is the world tree goddess, akin to the tree of life. Here we are in touch with the roots and offshoots of creation. Aswini requires more grounding and is much more centered in the here and now, and as this lunar mansion is entered into on Tuesday there is a sharp snap-back if you are sensitive to such things.

Aries moon transits are useful for taking action; we shift into the Aswini lunar mansion at the first degrees of Aries, which is called the horse mansion. Like a horse, we charge forward, maybe without even knowing which direction we are moving in. The energy of Aswini pulls us into impulse and can create a restless sensation.

Wednesday belongs to the Bharani mansion of Aries as the moon continues its transit here. The Bharani mansion is passionate and artistic. Early Vedic astrologers believed when the moon transited this sign that turbulence would emerge in order for humans to hone their skills of compassion. Those born during this time are said to have powerful shamanic abilities, making this a great day for connecting with nature and animals.

Thursday and Friday the moon will be in Taurus, providing a bit more centering and the ability to tap into worldly ambitions with a little more ease. This is the last week of the Aquarian parade of planets, as Venus will shift into Pisces at the start of March. Enjoy the electric current of Aquarius and allow your imagination and ideas to soar into outer space.

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