February 24th-March 2nd: Revelation

This week is primarily about the building up of energy toward the full moon on Thursday the 1st, which will be at 18 degrees Leo in the Vedic calendar. Full moons are culminations of the past month’s lunar cycle, and this one centers around the image we show to the public. There could be a change in how we wish to be perceived, or in how those close to us view us. This could come into conflict with the face we show the world. This is a highly creative full moon that can provide a lot of fiery energy to complete projects or begin to undertake an old project on a whole new level. We may have to reveal parts of ourselves that were previously hidden, which can feel uncomfortable and strange. Leo full moons connect us to our inner child, and it can be a useful exercise to allow ourselves to consider the wishes of the childlike part of ourselves in balance to the more logically minded adult.

The karmic nature of the Leo full moon can be examined if we look at the lunar mansion this full moon takes place in, Purva Phalguni. This nakshatra (lunar mansion) in Leo enhances sensual pleasures, abundance and the creative force. In the karmic wheel of all things, unfulfilled desires lead us toward continued time on the earth plane. This nakshatra is one of reaping rewards and creating matter on this plane, but the downside is that it can highlight the dual nature of reality. That which can be created can also be destroyed, or at least it may appear so from our vantage point. The way out of this is to recognize that transformation is a fact of life, and nothing that once existed can ever really be destroyed. By holding on too tightly to transient things we can create unnecessary suffering for ourselves and others.

Venus enters Pisces on Friday the 2nd, where it will stay until the 26th. Venus is considered exalted while transiting Pisces, and so this should be a pleasant yet brief transit. Venus enters into a parivatana yoga with Jupiter in Libra during this transit, as the two planets are each in the sign that the other rules over. This is an energetic exchange that allows the two planets to team up and work together. Some planets play more easily together, and Venus and Jupiter are definitely amicable with one another. This exchange brings in a heightened spiritual quality to the way we express love, and connects us with those on a similar wavelength. The drive to travel is heightened, although some may find a way to explore through study, meditation or simple connection with others. Venus will transit Pisces alongside Mercury, providing ample creative inspiration for the duration.

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