March 31st-April 6th: Chipping Away

This week’s energies are tied up in the full moon on Saturday the 31st, taking place in the Vedic domain of Virgo, in the lunar mansion of Hasta. As with any full moon, the focus is on harvest and culmination. The two week period leading up to a full moon is ideal for receiving, refining and beginning to work toward something new. This is in contrast to the two week waning period of removing what no longer serves, and focusing more on shedding and simplifying.

In Virgo, the full moon’s energies are more solitary. There is less focus on community and outreach, at least in the way of implementing immediate change. We are forced to draw inward and get in touch with our physical reality. This is a time for self care, and focus on our own physical and mental health. Despite the demands of others and the outside world, it is more beneficial at this time to tap into what your body needs from you at this time. While self care is always important, the Virgo full moon demands it from us rather than offering up a polite suggestion. If you are feeling sick, run down or drained, consider what your body is asking of you. Do you need more rest, better food, more water? Do you need to take time away from people who make you feel taxed or overwhelmed? Consider the small ways in which you can begin to incorporate these changes into your life. You don’t need to get it all correct the first time. By making small shifts and being kinder and more patient with yourself, you can work towards health on all levels.

This moon is in the lunar mansion of Hasta, or skilled activities. This is a perfectionist’s moon, and while we will likely be motivated and ambitious during this time, a need for total perfection can hold us back from accomplishment. By taking the time to be patient and loving with one’s self, this can be alleviated to some degree.

This will be important to remember as Mars and Saturn come into conjunction on Sunday the 1st at 15 degrees Sagittarius. Mars and Saturn have a reputation as being harsh or malefic in Vedic astrology. I think this is all relative, but they do tend to pack a heavy punch, especially when paired up together. Saturn restricts what it touches, and as it comes into contact with Mars on Sunday it can slow down activity and energy. The two planets offer up tension in the domain of Sagittarius, which wants to be active, expansive and adventurous. Saturn makes us slow down and rethink our every move, while throwing Mars into the equation can create a hopeless frustration to push on ahead anyway. If we attempt to do this anyway, our wheels spin out and nothing ends up getting done. Unfortunately, Saturn is the lord of the manor and there’s no outsmarting him. Saturn is not evil and doesn’t create restriction; the planet shows us where we are limiting ourselves and forces us to slow down and think about what we’re doing and why. This feels so uncomfortable for most people that Saturn transits have gotten a bad reputation as a result. Sometimes Saturn does bring intense changes and pain, and so the best way to manage this is to do our homework. In the midst of the Mars/Saturn tension this week, see where it is you want to go and keep chipping away at it. You may not get there overnight, but every little effort is seen and recognized for what it is. Keep going.

(Also: the Shop page is now up and running. Charts and transits coming soon. There are tarot and I Ching readings available at present.)

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