Welcome to Unclouded Eye! I hope my musings can offer you some new insight and help you a little on your journey.

This blog was created in summer 2017 and is meant to be a synthesis of modern sidereal astrology, folklore and astronomy/stargazing. I call this blend “celestial folklore”. It came about after many years of study and trying different styles and then casting them aside. I started out as a traditional western astrologer and studied this field intensely for over 15 years. I worked as an astrology teacher and chart reader at various metaphysical shops and independently, and maintained a forecast blog a bit like this one which was called Ash Wolf Astrology, and later the Planetary Observer.

In spring 2016, I began to feel something lacking in my forecasts. I wasn’t connecting to the information, and I was also noticing the egoic attachment that many people, myself included, had to their particular charts. I stepped away from astrology for a few months to reassess. I knew that my attention would never stop being fixed on the stars, but I wasn’t sure what direction to move in.

I began reading about Vedic astrology, which I had heard of in the past but had never studied. Vedic astrology is the traditional Indian astrological system that uses entirely different calculations from western. It is believed to be the “mother astrology”, or one of the very first systems developed on our planet. Years ago when I had looked into it, I had found myself confused by it so had steered away. Now that I was deeper in my search, I was excited to learn something new and to understand how it worked.

At first, it was hard to swallow that my chart had totally changed! I was very resistant to the idea that my sun sign was completely different under this system, when so much of my identity had been wrapped up in what I had always known my sign to be. Instead of casting it away as wrong this time, I decided to figure out what it meant. Maybe my idea of each sun sign was incorrect in this system, and in Vedic astrology it meant something completely different.

Through my studies, I began to be incredibly impressed by the deep accuracy of the Vedic teachings. While I was still wrestling with the strangeness of everyone I knew suddenly having a totally different chart, I started tracing the Vedic transits to observe them and learn how they worked. I was immediately blown away by the accuracy. While I found western astrological transits to be pretty reliably accurate, I also found them to be very subjective. The Vedic transits seemed to go beyond personal experience and into the world of global affairs, communities and spiritual planes.

After watching these transits for several months, I couldn’t deny how much the system was resonating with me. I began to see how I had formed my ego identity around my western chart. I was determined not to do this with the Vedic one, and to use it for its intended purpose, which was to be a karmic guide. Our Vedic charts show us the direction our soul needs to move in to evolve, and the patterns we’ve utilized in the past which hold us back. They are not really meant to be a guide to our personality, which is transient anyway.

The real clincher for me came when I started observing the stars on a more scientific, astronomical level. I’ve always enjoyed stargazing but had never really done so with much attention to location, detail and star names etc. I noticed that the current astronomical placement of planets in the sky corresponded with the exact placement of these planets in Vedic/sidereal astrology. For instance, if you can currently locate Jupiter in the Libra constellation, this means that in Vedic astrology, Jupiter is currently in the sign of Libra. This is not so with western astrology.

I see nothing wrong with western astrology. It just doesn’t connect with me anymore, and that’s fine. All the debates of which is better or worse are just traps. Go with what works for you, and what helps you most on the journey.

I don’t call myself a Vedic astrologer, because I barely know anything about the deep intricacies of the Vedas and of Indian culture. I am a sidereal astrologer (which is the astronomical system that Vedic astrology uses) and I enjoy throwing in astronomy, mythology and folklore to help me better understand the meanings of things. This is a constantly evolving trip, and I know better than to say it’s going to stop here and be this way forever. This is where I’m at right now, and if it intersects with where you’re at, then I hope you’ll stop by to muse about the stars with me.

My name is Ash and I live in Maine, USA. I’m a musician and I co-run Flower Room, a record label. I’m working on a novel right now (not about astrology – but maybe that will come later!) and sell vintage clothing online. Sending love from my little corner of the solar system.