October 28th-November 3rd: Gathering of Friends

This week is a very active one for Venus, who will make a few important planetary contacts before leaving Virgo at the end of the week. The weekend is quiet, with the first major contact occurring on Monday the 30th. Venus will make a contact to the Rahu/Ketu opposition, inserting itself into the pull of these karmic nodes. Venus makes a pleasant aspect to both Rahu and Ketu. Where Rahu represents the things we must accomplish to evolve on our soul’s journey (which usually is something that feels far out of our comfort zone), Ketu shows us what we’ve already mastered but may get fixated on. Venus in Virgo’s beneficial interplay with these nodes will strengthen karmic relationships, bringing them to the next scene of the cosmic play. It is a little easier to stretch out of what is familiar and venture into the unknown. The people who will assist us on this journey are brought closer into our orbit on Monday and Tuesday. Pay attention to those you encounter who incite a heightened emotion or reaction from you. This is an important lesson today, and by recognizing what each of these people shows us, our relationship with both self and others is made stronger.

On Thursday the 2nd, Mercury enters Scorpio as Venus shifts into a pleasant connection with Saturn. Communication turns to areas which are typically secret or hidden. This could deal with individual secrets, or areas of conversation which are not usually talked about so openly. It is important to dive deep over the next few weeks. Surface level talk doesn’t get us very far during this time. While it could feel uncomfortable or out of character to talk about certain subjects this month, addressing these things will have far reaching effects. Venus and Saturn ensure that we get to work in our partnerships. It is time to connect with important people in our lives and work together on larger goals.

As Venus enters Libra on Friday the 3rd, this idea of togetherness and partnership becomes even more pronounced. While Venus in Virgo was more hermetic and private, Venus in Libra wants to work with others. Venus rules over Libra, and so this is a natural placement for the planet. The aesthetic eye is sharpened. We work together with others during this time to enhance beauty and the feeling of love and unity. This can manifest through romantic relationships, friendships and family ties, and work. If we are in partnerships or relationships that feel isolating, this may become more noticeable during these few weeks. The desire for togetherness is strong, and will come about in different ways for different people.

Friday we have a full moon in the sign of Aries. Balance is always key as the Sun and Moon transit the Aries/Libra sectors. We must balance our own personal needs with the needs of the larger collective. We are only able to be effective in relationships and groups if our own needs are balanced. On full moons, we harvest and manifest the intentions of the previous month’s lunar cycle. Today, we bring about positive personal changes which may require action to initiate. By diving fearlessly into inspired action, we are able to help those around us even more. If this opportunity doesn’t seem to arise this week, spend time focusing on what you would like to change. The next full moon in November will be in Taurus, and will specifically bring about material or physical things that we require for our journey. What tools do you need? Are there objects or items that would allow you to bring more light into the world? Begin to set your intentions and clear away that which doesn’t serve. Material possessions are not inherently good or bad, but it is the feelings which arise in us by owning these things which can be positive or negative. If we use our possessions to make us feel better than others, or to strengthen the ego in other ways, this is not beneficial and can hold us back from doing good work. On the flip side, if we believe we are more spiritual than others for having fewer items, or for having certain kinds of items, we are falling into a trap as well. That which takes us further away from unity is illusion. We can begin to contemplate these things now during the Aries moon to make the Taurus full moon cycle more abundant next month.



October 21st-27th: Do the Work

Saturn has been sitting at 29 degrees Scorpio for the past week and a half. When a planet is at 29 degrees it is said to bring a certain amount of tension, and with a heavy hitting planet like Saturn, this tension is only magnified. You may notice that if you have any planets at 29 degrees in your own birth chart that there is a certain level of discomfort and anxiety around the issues that particular planet oversees. The same is true for transits.

Saturn will enter Sagittarius on Wednesday the 25th. We had a small window of this earlier in the year, when Saturn dipped into Sagittarius from January 26th through April 5th, before the planet’s retrograde. The retrograde cycle pulled Saturn back into Scorpio until now. Saturn will stay exclusively in Sagittarius until January 2020.

Some of the themes of this two year transit were revealed during that three month window earlier in the year. Saturn transits are personal as well as global and community-based, and so it is impossible to remove the macro-micro outlook when dealing with this transit. Saturn is the overseer of karma, and often brings difficult lessons. It is always good to remember that Saturn doesn’t punish; it only emphasizes cause and effect and makes us take responsibility. Saturn responds well to those who are organized, efficient and grounded. Sometimes it may appear that our stability is in jeopardy or our workload increases exponentially during major Saturn transits. It is a time to take responsibility for ourselves and be certain of our direction in life.

As Saturn enters Sagittarius, the focus will shift to travel, culture, religion/spirituality and learning. Saturn here forces us to reckon with our perceptions about what is “other” – other cultures, religions, beliefs, etc. We have been getting a taste of this on a global and national level this year. The one thing to remember here is that by focusing on “other” we are falling into a trap of duality. Saturn will give us multiple lessons to reveal this, but ultimately what we decide to do is up to us. This is a window to unity, which doesn’t take away from the beauty of culture and spirituality, but instead ties all together like an elaborate tapestry. All are distinct but all are connected.

On a personal level, Saturn in Sagittarius emphasizes learning, travel, abundance and expansion, and new spiritual discoveries. Saturn doesn’t necessarily give hand-outs. If there is a new skill you want to learn, or a personal truth you are seeking to understand, you will likely have to put in the work on a consistent basis. This is a time where you can manifest a lot of abundance, but the work will need to be done. As Saturn rules personal and collective karma, there may be old issues regarding knowledge, belief and expansion that rear their heads throughout this time. It’s important to acknowledge these and not run from them, but not get ensnared in their drama.

On Thursday the 26th, a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Libra brings a brief window for abundance and personal manifestation. This is a good day for action regarding business or creative endeavors, and by remaining positive and spreading that today there can be a beautiful butterfly effect which returns to us in the days to come.

October 14th-20th: Libran Scales of Balance

While western astrology’s calculations put the Sun in Libra beginning the third week of September, sidereal calculations see the Sun entering Libra on Tuesday October 17th. At this point, the Sun returns to the precise place on the cosmic backdrop of the beginning of the Libran constellation. In sidereal astrology, the sun in Virgo happens to align with the autumn harvest and equinox, the reaping of reward and hard work (a markedly Virgo desire). Now, the Sun enters Libra on the 17th and brings with it the scales of balance. Libra is attracted to beauty and is a peacemaker by nature. Through this transformation from Virgo into Libra, the focus moves from the harvest to the continuation of balance.

Sol/Sun is debilitated in Libra, and so ego humbles and has no choice but to fall before the balanced collective. Those who cling to egoic needs and desires will likely be met by resistance. The Sun is our ego, the self which we show to the world. It is a mask but not one that is consciously selected since it is worn nearly every day without fail by most. Libra represents the divine feminine, beauty and grace. Here in this sign, the masculinity of Sol abrades against the soft Venusian mists of Libra. We must learn to utilize each at once rather than selecting one at a time as an artist selects a paintbrush. By countering action and direction with trust in the universal creative flow, we make it out of any uncomfortable situations.

Thursday brings a New Moon in Libra, with the moon and Sun meeting at 2 degrees Libra. The moon/Luna is in hiding during a New Moon period, figuratively speaking. The light of the sun cannot find her. A Libran new moon is a wonderful time to get in touch with your creativity on a level that is altogether removed from ego. Without the touch of Sol, Luna is cloaked in mystery and magic. Here we touch a part of the divine feminine that is rare and coveted. The eye for beauty found in the Libran sign is available to all, should we be willing and able to cast aside the need for praise or recognition. It is all about the process today, rather than the result.

October 7th-13th: Help Yourself

This week is extremely hectic in terms of planets switching signs and transits being activated from planetary movements. In the wake of the full moon in Pisces at the end of last week, we are coming out of the celestial Neptunian waters and many will arise feeling more inspired to take action and passionately reach out toward their goals.

Sunday the 8th brings a Venus/Saturn square transit, which impacts relationships and partnerships in a sobering way. The square is a meeting of energies which feels difficult and trying, as though a wall has been erected in one’s path. This theoretical wall being present will impact relationships of all sorts, and requires us to let go of our grasp on the “right way” to do or accomplish something. By holding onto this, the wall will grow larger and harder to scale. If we move more fluidly today, we are able to reassess and come up with a more effective way to deal with these difficulties with partners and associates.

Monday the 9th is an extremely active day in the cosmos. Venus shifts into the sign of Virgo, where it will remain until November 2nd. This isn’t the most comfortable placement for Venus, as the planet is considered “debilitated” here. This placement goes against the breezy nature of Venus, as analytical Virgo requires us to take a step back from our emotions and approach things from a logistical standpoint. This will remove some pressure from close relationships and associations, in that we have a chance to communicate our feelings rather than being overtaken by them. Venus here is not the head over heels romantic type, which could impact those who are expecting their partners to behave as such during this span.

Monday also brings a Mars/Saturn square, which will last for the next few days. Saturn has been busy squaring the planets transiting the Leo/Virgo cusp this week. Whenever Saturn takes on this role, it feels a lot like an authority figure is reprimanding us, and in the Leo/Virgo realm, this could result in lowered self esteem if we’re not careful. The wall analogy from Monday will apply here today, but this time the roadblocks will impact our drive, energy, physical abilities or new projects. Saturn doesn’t shut down possibilities completely, but instead forces us to deal with what we’re putting out into the world and rethink our approach if necessary. What once worked for us may not be getting us very far anymore. This week, we should take the opportunity to slow down and consider if we require a new plan of action.

On Friday the 13th, Mars joins the Sun and Venus in Virgo, which empties out the sign of Leo. This instantly shifts the cosmic energy to be slightly more private and internal. Mars is going to be here in Virgo until the end of November (the 30th). This allows for progress to be made on our individual selves. Many will prefer to work alone, or to work on tasks that help them evolve personally. This is not inherently selfish, as long as we are doing this work so that we can be more effective in our interactions with others. Taking some time to understand your own inner workings brings near immediate results this month and next.

Friday also sees a shift for Mercury, from Virgo into Libra. Mercury will only stay here for about two weeks, as it is a speedy sign that never stays in one place for too long. Mercury in Libra helps to keep us from becoming too isolated. With all these planets in Virgo, this shift will come as a relief for those who require more interaction with others. Mercury in Libra will open up the communication field, and makes it easier to reach out to others and work together should you wish to do so. The main element here is the introduction of a curiosity and willingness to learn from others that was absent for the past several weeks. This comes as a welcome shift for those who seek collaboration.

September 30th-October 6th: Out of the Darkness

The past week or two have been relatively quiet transit-wise, and the coming week will be as well. Before getting into the single notable transit of the week, I would like to take a moment to discuss the trans-Saturnian planets/Pluto.

Traditional Vedic astrologers do not consider the movements of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in their studies. This is because the Vedic astrology texts are ancient, and these planets were not discovered yet at the time of their creation. The Vedic astrology texts themselves were never intended to be changed or expanded, and so traditionalists do not look at these planets when they are predicting or building charts. My astrology calculations are sidereal, but I am not a trained Vedic astrologer. My background was in tropical astrology, which is much more adaptive and easily includes new planetary bodies such as asteroids and other trans-Plutonian objects. I don’t heavily rely on the data from them given their distance from earth, but I do think there is some value in watching their movements.

The reason I bring this up is that Pluto just stationed direct this past week at 22 degrees Sagittarius, having begun its retrograde cycle on April 20th. Pluto is a generational planet, meaning it spends around 12-15 years in one sign. Pluto initially entered Sagittarius in February 2005, and is now on the last leg of its transit. It will finally depart and enter Capricorn in the year 2020. I’ve found this transit to be particularly illuminating through the sidereal calculation lens, so here are my reports:

The function of Pluto thematically is to bring what is hidden into the light. It is slow moving and insidious, and can show up as a desire for power or control. It is deeply transformative, but can sometimes bring about learning through pain or struggle. It often creeps by under the surface, unnoticed. In Sagittarius, we have been dealing with these themes in the arenas of religion, belief and world connections. Pluto’s activities play out on a global scale, although those of us with strong Pluto aspects in our birth charts or during particular transits may feel the effects in our personal lives. Pluto is a karmic planet that brings up painful issues so that they may be examined. The darkness of the Plutonian underworld is contrasted by the beauty of Persephone’s springtime in the original Hadean myth. Pluto is two sides of the coin- yin and yang.

During this retrograde, we have been going through things globally that we may have considered “over” or that we had evolved beyond. Again, Pluto brings what is hidden to the surface and this may not always be pleasant. There has always been a lot of unrest in the world but this year in particular has been rough for many. The opportunity for these issues to be examined is painful, but is the impetus for growth and change. The retrograde served its function by making it feel as though progress was slipping away. Now that we are emerging from that period, observe and remember that in order for darkness to show its face, in doing so it must be exposed to the light. At the end of the next two and a half years, the fifteen year cycle will complete, and usually the themes of that particular cycle will be brought to bear during this time. Pluto problems can be overcome by focusing on unity and clarity. Power struggles are transformed when we are brought together as one, and by being honest and upfront (even with things that are not so pleasant) we are able to avoid the Plutonian secrecy that can result in disaster.

This week we have a Venus and Mars conjunction that lasts for two days, on Wednesday the 4th and Thursday the 5th. When Venus and Mars join forces, we may feel particularly amorous and passionate. The heightened effect results in sparks flying, though this could be volatile for some. There is an increase in physical energy. Venus and Mars meeting in Leo is showy and public. Affection and generosity amplify. There could be some possessiveness over people, projects or business entities. This energy would do well to be let out in exercise or sports rather than sitting and boiling over (and it will for many!). Don’t take others’ tempers too personally this week if you can help it.

The other side to this transit is an increase in creativity and artistic prowess. It’s a brief window, but utilizing it could result in some inspired works.


September 23rd-29th: Mother Nature

We have a fairly quiet week astrologically, with only one major transit and one planetary shift. Following the Virgo new moon, we are seeing the energy begin to shift toward the Virgo harvest and so our minds may follow suit by becoming more honed and analytical. As more planets enter Virgo, it will be easier to take a step back and examine things without becoming emotionally overwhelmed or involved.

This Sunday (the 24th) Saturn makes a benefic contact with Rahu, the north node of the moon. Both of these planetary bodies are heavy hitters, and so even a deal struck up between them comes with its own fair share of intensity. Saturn is currently transiting Scorpio, and Rahu is situated in Cancer. This trine will impact the emotional sector, since both Scorpio and Cancer are water signs and rule over the emotional and sentimental side of things. Saturn adds grounding to plans and ideals that have been lofty or out of reach, particularly within relationships. We may feel compelled to set boundaries or dissolve existing ones with the people we know and care about. The trine will keep things from becoming too out of hand, and will allow for positive steps to be taken (even if it may not feel like it at first).

Late on Tuesday the 26th, speedy Mercury enters Virgo. Mercury will only spend around two and a half weeks in this sign. Mercury rules over Virgo, and so this is a pleasant placement for the planet of communication. Our mental powers can be sharper, and logic can be utilized without emotional interference. Of course, Virgo is multi-faceted and is a deeply spiritual sign that represents the divine earth mother and Mother Nature in general. With Mercury in her hands, this is an excellent time for literal earth harvesting, planting and growing and cultivating an indoor garden. Even those without green thumbs could learn something new about plants during this time, with the added memory boost from Mercury in Virgo.

September 16th-22nd: Autumn Harvest

Saturday begins with a conjunction of Mercury and Mars at 13 degrees Leo. These two planets have been dancing around each other over the past few weeks, and last met on September 2nd near the beginning of the Leo constellation. This marked the end of the Mercury retrograde period, and this week Mercury will finally emerge from the “shadow zone”, meaning the area it previously covered while in retrograde motion. Let’s look at retrograde periods for a minute, as there are three stages to any planetary retrograde:

-Retrograde motion: A planet (in this case we’ll discuss Mercury) seems to move backwards across the starfield. It will move through the planetary degrees it had previously covered. Mercury “halted” at 17 degrees Leo back on August 12th, and spent the next three weeks moving back to 4 degrees Leo. During this time, we often have to deal with issues from the past or have to repeat our own actions. This time requires patience and a keen eye in order to double-check work, as mistakes or misunderstandings are common.

-Direct motion: When the retrograde period finishes, the planet begins to make its way forward. On September 5th, Mercury began moving forward again at 4 degrees Leo. Since it spent the past three weeks moving back through an area it already covered, it will have to move through this “shadow” for a third time. The retrograde period is effectively over, but we still feel echoic remnants of it during the Shadow Period.

-Shadow Period: The Shadow Period lasts until the planet makes it to the degree point where the retrograde motion cycle began. In this case, Mercury will finally reach a new degree point on Tuesday the 19th, making it to 18 degrees Leo (the retrograde period began at 17 degrees Leo, so this is “new territory” for Mercury, at least since the last time it made it through all the signs and was in Leo). While we are in the Shadow Period, we have a chance to learn the final lesson of the retrograde period. What issues came up for you during this Mercury retrograde? How can you learn and grow from these challenges?

(Of course, planets don’t really move backwards. Retrograde motion is an observable illusion that occurs from our vantage point here on Earth. Like any illusion, it carries weight in the psyche and consciousness and so affects life around us to some extent, but is all smoke and mirrors.)

The Mercury and Mars conjunction occurs right before the Shadow Period ends, and so is a powerful impetus to clean up the last remnants of retrograde and move forward fresh. Retrograde periods tend to bring up whatever was left over from the previous retrograde cycle, so they are always easier if we deal with the lessons that come up rather than pushing them under the rug.

On Sunday the 17th, the Sun enters Virgo. This is the “harvest period” and lines up with the coming Autumnal Equinox and New Moon. The New Moon is on Tuesday the 19th and occurs at 3 degrees Virgo (Sun conjunct Moon). This New Moon is truly an offering for fall, which we enter on Friday the 22nd. On New Moons it is beneficial to release, let go and confront that which no longer serves us. The Autumnal Equinox is the meeting of light and darkness, when the day hours are equal to the hours of nighttime. Under the Virgo compass, we may feel a compulsion to organize, tidy and disperse. It is a time for making room for the coming harvest, whether by letting go of possessions and clutter, or by making the necessary life changes to allow room for the new.

September 9th-15th: In the Air

This week focuses heavily on relationships and partnerships, in addition to the personal transformations that most of us are already experiencing. While we are all going through our own growth and changes, our attention shifts toward our connections with others and the unique goals of each of these ties.

It’s a relatively quiet weekend astrologically, with the effects of last week’s rebuilding period continuing to be felt. Come Tuesday the 12th, we are due for a shake up. Jupiter exits Virgo and enters the sign of Libra on this day. Jupiter is a fairly slow moving planet, and so spends around one year in each sign. It transited Virgo beginning in August 2016, and over these past 13 months there has been more attention placed on health, diet and service toward others in these fields and beyond. During this time, many people chose to make lifestyle changes or were forced to based on the state of their health. There was also a greater emphasis on aiding others, or extending support through care and awareness. Virgo is more of a solitary sign than Libra, so as Jupiter enters Libra on the 12th, we may find ourselves getting pulled more into the social arena. Jupiter expands any area it touches, and Libra is the sign of partnership. We may be called on to learn and study in groups, or shift from solitary work pursuits to those conducted in pairs or teams. Libra is the sign of justice, and so great strides can be made in the areas of social justice and legality. It will be fairly impossible to close yourself off from the world, unless you are doing so with others. Jupiter will transit Libra until October 2018, giving us some time to accomplish our tasks. When Jupiter spends time in an air sign, the mind is strengthened and curiosity increases. Our capacity to learn and acquire knowledge expands under the sweeping effects of the largest planet in the solar system.

On this same day, Venus and Saturn meet in beneficial harmony. This will add a sobering effect to romantic encounters, providing stability, grounding and shifting attention to more “real world” matters. It is less a time for idle daydreaming and more for getting things done. Venus is not only the planet of romance, but of aesthetic arts and beauty as well, and so any artistic projects or shopping done today can be planned out, budgeted and aligned with personal aspirations.

On Wednesday, Venus conjuncts the shadowy figure of Rahu. Our partners and those around us become a mirror for the darkness inside of ourselves. If there are issues you are striving to overcome or even recognize, you may see these playing out in the behavior of close friends or family. The first instinct here might be to become annoyed or frustrated with this person, but if you look closely, you are likely to glimpse a connection between their behavior and your own. It is wise to take a step back to reassess before interacting.

On Friday the 15th, Venus enters the sign of Leo, which is currently quite crowded (the Sun, Mercury and Mars are already present there). It will only stay in this sign for about three weeks, but the pull of Leo is strong this month and so the effects of Venus here will feel quite noticeable. Partnerships (romances, friendships, business contacts) will get drawn out into the public eye. There is a chance to engage in more public events and performances, whether our own or those we go out to see others do. This is a creative, fruitful time. Children and animals are brought into focus as well, and we may find ourselves drawn to spending more time with them. Venus assists us in making connections out in the world over the next 3-4 weeks. A playful, lighthearted attitude goes far.

September 2nd-8th: Rebuilding

On Saturday, Mercury and Mars meet in conjunction at the point of 4 degrees Leo. This will feel particularly significant, because Mercury will be emerging from retrograde in a couple days’ time at this same degree point. Mars provides energy and enthusiasm today, which could turn into a chaotic feel if we get too swept up in it. This is because Mars is especially driven in the sign of Leo, and as it meets with retrograde Mercury it can hit communication blocks, or be slowed down by other forces. This could lead to having a ton of pent up energy and seemingly nowhere to put it. Being active will be important, as exercise and time spent outdoors will help to distribute this kinetic energy in a healthy way.

Mercury retrograde completes its tri-annual cycle on Tuesday the 5th, resuming direct motion at 4 degrees Leo. At this point, it will become easier to express ourselves creatively. Public image or self esteem may have taken a hit under this retrograde cycle, and so we can begin to rebuild this or reframe our concepts of how we want to present ourselves to the world. When a planet comes out of retrograde, it has to travel through the “shadow” zone and figuratively retrace its steps. Mercury retrograde began in early August at 18 degrees Leo, and it will take the speedy planet until September 19th to rearrive at that point. As we move into late September then, it becomes even easier to reinvent ourselves, utilize new ideas in communication and technology, and be understood by others in a way that is relevant to who we are presently, and not who we once were.

The full moon hits on the same day that Mercury comes out of retrograde (Tuesday 9/5), casting an emotional light on any misunderstandings or personal dilemmas that have arisen or worsened over the past few weeks. This full moon is in Aquarius on the Vedic calendar, and creates a dynamic interplay with the Sun in Leo. New and inventive thoughts and ideas are given the chance to be brought into the public eye. This is an apt time for electric change. The full moon symbolizes manifestation and harvest, and so we harvest the Aquarian ideals of art, love and spiritual Renaissance. This is a turning point for many. We are waking up to higher concepts of love, and understanding how to bring these into the world. There is a mass emphasis on suffering and division between communities at present, and this full moon serves as a reminder to keep evolving and to fearlessly live as an example of light in the world. The Leo/Aquarius polarity reminds us to not get caught too much in egoic trappings, and to think of how our actions serve others as much as ourselves. How can you best live as a constant source of light? Meditate on this and see what arises.

August 26th-September 1st: Breathing

Allow yourself to take a breath. After the last few weeks of busy cosmic activity, we may be feeling dizzy, overwhelmed or just plain exhausted. This week there is a rest period, or at the very least things will seem to be moving at a slower pace. This will allow us the opportunity to rejuvenate and take a moment for ourselves. Although some people require more relaxation and quiet than others, even those who are typically fueled by activity and socialization can benefit from spacing out their plans more this week. Flowing with the energy will allow us to be more effective.

On Saturday the 26th, the Sun and Mercury meet in conjunction at 9 degrees Leo. Mercury is never too far away from the Sun, and they are often dancing around each other in their journey through the zodiac. For the last couple weeks Mercury had zoomed ahead of the Sun, which made the need to communicate feel all the more urgent. Now that the planet of technology and mental activity is in retrograde, it zipped backwards to where the Sun was on its trajectory, and will allow it to move on ahead as it continues its backwards journey through the sign of Leo. On Saturday, some of the retrograde activity is lessened by the contact with the Sun. This is an ideal day to take care of any misunderstandings that you’ve been having with others. Technological or electrical issues that have been puzzling or frustrating could be seen in a new light this weekend. On Sunday, it’s back to the full force of Mercury retrograde for another 10 days.

Mars crosses the gandata knot (the point between a water and fire sign in the Vedic zodiac) on Sunday and enters the sign of Leo. It joins the Sun, Mercury and Rahu here. Mars is happy in the sign of Leo (much happier than it usually is in Cancer, where it’s been for the past few weeks). The gandata knot crossing often brings some emotional flare-ups, and since Mars is the planet that rules the physical body, physical illness could come up as well. It’s important not to push ourselves too much. As soon as Mars is in Leo, it may feel appropriate to take action immediately. After spending a few weeks in the more gentle, emotional waters of Cancer, this could be a shock to the system if we don’t pace ourselves. Mars in Leo puts on a good show. Sporting events and competitive games will be apt to be more exciting. Exercising in groups or in public (at a class or gym rather than at home) may be more appealing over the next few weeks.

On Monday the 28th, Jupiter and Saturn meet in a beneficial contact to one another. Saturn stationed direct after its long retrograde cycle last week, so is retracing its path through Scorpio. Saturn is a slow moving planet, taking about 8-14 days to make it through one degree of the zodiac. If it makes a contact with another relatively slow moving planet (which Jupiter is), then this energy will hold for a week or two. The next 7-14 days then, will hold this pleasant Jupiter/Saturn energy. Jupiter calls on Saturn to expand, as it does to any planet it communes with. In a positive framing (as this aspect is a sextile), this will make planning easier and will increase our scope of vision. It will be easier to see the big picture and to come up with concrete, stable ways to reach our loftiest goals. This energy works best when we share it with others. Travel, learning and mind expansion will be the focus, but Saturn allows us to really ground in and keep a level head as we take on the fresh and novel.