August 5th-11th: Smoke and Mirrors

All the month of August hangs in the balance of the upcoming eclipse on August 21st. This day carries weight and power, as the vedic points Rahu and Ketu (somewhat comparable to the North and South Node of western astrology) shift signs the day before. As Rahu and Ketu typically spend a year and a half in their respective signs, this is an intense event that will herald drastic change for many. We will get deeper into this transition in a week or two, but for now it is enough to note the slow energy build-up that is occuring as we approach this point in linear time. Rahu brings revolution and change, and Ketu digs a toe firmly in the sand, inviting us back to our familiar and comfortable shadows.

The big energy this week comes from the partial lunar eclipse/full moon in Capricorn on Tuesday the 8th. This full moon’s light is obscured slightly by the eclipse, and so the typical work of a full moon (for those who observe such occasions) may have to be shifted to achieve similar results. Typically the full moon is for reaping our harvest. We cast a net out to receive the fruits of our thoughts made manifest. Capricorn full moons tend to put a heavier focus on career and professional life. The shadow of the eclipse will pull up a wall of illusion. It may seem as though our career goals are further away than we had realized. There could be a strange flare-up of old thought patterns regarding money, even if we believe we have broken the habit. Keep in mind that all of this is illusory, temporary. As soon as the full moon energy breaks (partially on Wednesday the 9th, fully on Thursday the 10th) a sense of calm and clarity is easier to find.

The Sun and Jupiter create a pleasant aspect to one another on Thursday the 10th, which further helps to shake off the darkness of the eclipse. Expansion and growth are highlighted. As Jupiter transits the pure, antiseptic realm of Virgo, our attention has been focused on health and diet more than in previous years. We may meet with a harsh warning sign from our bodies, which could produce fear. It is essential to try to reframe our thinking about such things. The body gives us many signs that it requires different care, but often we shove these aside and continue on our way. A sudden flare of illness or pain may seem frightening, but perhaps there is something we can learn by using this time to really listen in and see how we can better take care of ourselves. Jupiter has been here in Virgo for the past year, and will be transiting out in September. Use this time to come up with a plan that works for you. While it is very helpful to listen to the advice of doctors and healers, don’t cut yourself short and forget that you are capable of translating the messages your body is sending.