July 1st-7th: Deep Water

This week, we are flying high with the positive associations between Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo. Venus entered its own sign, Taurus, on June 29th, which grounded the planet of love and beauty and will allow our aesthetic eye to reach new heights throughout the first few weeks of July.

This is a positive placement for Venus, and this can have far-reaching effects on our ideas about relationships and self-care. A gentle approach is best at this time, since Venus in Taurus prefers to come at things from a place of loving kindness. Brashness or impulsive decisions may be met with confusion or disdain from others. If you wish to connect, consider spending time with one another in nature. Jupiter adds an expansive quality to our relationships. Think of how your relationship can help others at this time. Consider the big picture, and work with others to help create beauty and love around you. This is an ideal time for renovation of homes, landscaping and gardening.

Mercury enters the sign of Cancer on Monday July 3rd, which weaves a thread from the past into our present actions. Nostalgia-drunk Cancer loves to study the past and dive deep into ancestral waters. Mercury brings a need to communicate ancient tradition and ideas from our own personal pasts. Music, writing and art take on a more emotional bent this week. It is possible to dive deep into healing waters and transcend the heavier energy of our modern world, if only for just a brief time this week. Visit the ocean or a body of water, take a bath or meditate to a tape of whale songs, waves, or gulls. This is a time to access our hidden emotions, and to tap into the feelings of those around us. Emotion and art can be blended seamlessly to bring about a shift in consciousness.

We are called on to deal with karmic ribbons in relationships as Venus shifts into an unpleasant square with Rahu and Ketu at the start of the week. Gentle Venus may want to run away from such obligations, but Mercury in Cancer will be there to guide us. There is a tenderness this week that may be harder to touch in different astrological climates. Work toward empathy, forgiveness and humility, and watch as difficult relationships mend or fall away. There is nothing wrong with letting go of something that no longer serves you.