July 8th-14th: The Wise One and the Fool

This week, we begin with a full moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, July 8th. This full moon occurs at 24 degrees Sagittarius, opposing the Sun’s placement at the same degree in Gemini. The Gemini/Sagittarius duality pole focuses on knowledge acquired for personal growth, as well as knowledge that is taken in for the purpose of bettering the spirit. We find our curiosity piqued today, and our interactions with others are focused around the sharing of accumulated information. This thirst for data may manifest as scholarly pursuits, or in conversation as a subtle drive to find out more. The duality of this full moon (and full moons always bring to light the duality of the physical plane) creates a push-pull effect. Should we hoard the knowledge we’ve acquired, or should we share with others? There may be a moral dilemma involved, or at the very least a need to convey information gently. It could appear that some information is better left unsaid. The main focus of this pole is realizing our position as both student and teacher in this life. It is of the utmost importance to allow both of these archetypal roles to bloom in us, and be both the master and the novice. If you are able to recognize each in yourself, you will be able to share information in a humble and wise way that could reach others on a deeper level.

Mars moves through the last degrees of Gemini this week, which fuels this need for data and information in a rapid-fire way. Mars brings activity to the mind and a restlessness to the body. As the planet transitions into Cancer on Tuesday, July 11th, it shifts into a debilitated position and is forced to take a backseat role. Here in Cancer, Mars works behind the scenes to effect change in the household, family and residential centers. Some of us will feel a need to renovate, decorate or relocate our houses. Mars is not very comfortable in this position, and prefers to be upfront on the battle lines. Tucked into the domestic dreamscape of Cancer, it may find itself frustrated and caged. Restlessness plays out for many, and those who find healthy ways to get this energy out at the scene (in the home or with the family) will turn it into a useful, transformative transit. As mentioned, changing around the house itself could be enough. Some may actually need to reformat their relationships with those they live with, or look for other living situations entirely. Mars will transit Cancer through August 26th.

Later in the week, on Friday the 14th, there is an awkward contact between Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Virgo, which could cause some to stumble over their words or experience a level of social anxiety. Despite the very internal nature of the Mars in Cancer transit, there are a LOT of outer world transits going on right now that are thrusting us into the public eye. This Mercury/Jupiter contact requires a bit of grounding, and the ability to improvise. Let go of your own behavioral expectations and perfectionism for the day, if you’re able. Being able to laugh at your own mistakes and own up to them will make this transit glide pleasantly by.