December 9th-15th: Mercury Rising

This week, Mercury is the major player as it continues its retrograde cycle. Mercury has been treading backwards through the beginning degrees of Sagittarius over the past week, and re-enters Scorpio on Sunday the 10th. Mercury was in Scorpio fairly recently (November 1st-23rd) and so these themes will be familiar. While the past week had more chaotic, impatient energy thanks to the interplay of Mercury and fiery Sagittarius, the next week and a half will be a little less outwardly manic and more focused on internal dynamics. We may be forced to reexamine our communication styles in love and intimate relationships of all sorts. Themes of possessiveness and jealousy may come up again, in different forms for each of us. As with any Mercury retrograde, it is best to take things slow. Thankfully the urge to act without thinking has been lifted a little, but Scorpio is still known for striking whatever moves through its domain. Displays of passion are fairly likely, and should be handled with understanding and patience if possible. On Tuesday the 12th, Mercury comes into conjunction with the Sun at 27 degrees Scorpio, which signifies the halfway point of this retrograde.

On Friday the 15th, the Geminid meteor shower reaches peak visibility around 2am EST, with around two meteors a minute. The constellation of Gemini, of course, is ruled by Mercury. Everything seems to come back to the planet of communication this week.

Mercury’s starring role continues on Friday, as it comes into conjunction with Venus at 23 degrees Scorpio. The two planets form a trine to Rahu, which initiates a karmic sequence for most regarding personal relationships and soul connections. Mercury is in retrograde, so brings a certain level of confusion or inability to recognize the truth about a situation (or at the very least, to communicate it to others). Rahu forces us to move out of our comfort zones in order to evolve, particularly when it comes to our ties with others. It is likely that over the next two weeks, relationships will both evolve and dissolve under the residual pull of this transit. Scorpio makes everything seem more significant and intense, and so it is possible that these dissolving relationships can be re-examined once Venus and Mercury have both moved into Sagittarius the first week of January.

October 28th-November 3rd: Gathering of Friends

This week is a very active one for Venus, who will make a few important planetary contacts before leaving Virgo at the end of the week. The weekend is quiet, with the first major contact occurring on Monday the 30th. Venus will make a contact to the Rahu/Ketu opposition, inserting itself into the pull of these karmic nodes. Venus makes a pleasant aspect to both Rahu and Ketu. Where Rahu represents the things we must accomplish to evolve on our soul’s journey (which usually is something that feels far out of our comfort zone), Ketu shows us what we’ve already mastered but may get fixated on. Venus in Virgo’s beneficial interplay with these nodes will strengthen karmic relationships, bringing them to the next scene of the cosmic play. It is a little easier to stretch out of what is familiar and venture into the unknown. The people who will assist us on this journey are brought closer into our orbit on Monday and Tuesday. Pay attention to those you encounter who incite a heightened emotion or reaction from you. This is an important lesson today, and by recognizing what each of these people shows us, our relationship with both self and others is made stronger.

On Thursday the 2nd, Mercury enters Scorpio as Venus shifts into a pleasant connection with Saturn. Communication turns to areas which are typically secret or hidden. This could deal with individual secrets, or areas of conversation which are not usually talked about so openly. It is important to dive deep over the next few weeks. Surface level talk doesn’t get us very far during this time. While it could feel uncomfortable or out of character to talk about certain subjects this month, addressing these things will have far reaching effects. Venus and Saturn ensure that we get to work in our partnerships. It is time to connect with important people in our lives and work together on larger goals.

As Venus enters Libra on Friday the 3rd, this idea of togetherness and partnership becomes even more pronounced. While Venus in Virgo was more hermetic and private, Venus in Libra wants to work with others. Venus rules over Libra, and so this is a natural placement for the planet. The aesthetic eye is sharpened. We work together with others during this time to enhance beauty and the feeling of love and unity. This can manifest through romantic relationships, friendships and family ties, and work. If we are in partnerships or relationships that feel isolating, this may become more noticeable during these few weeks. The desire for togetherness is strong, and will come about in different ways for different people.

Friday we have a full moon in the sign of Aries. Balance is always key as the Sun and Moon transit the Aries/Libra sectors. We must balance our own personal needs with the needs of the larger collective. We are only able to be effective in relationships and groups if our own needs are balanced. On full moons, we harvest and manifest the intentions of the previous month’s lunar cycle. Today, we bring about positive personal changes which may require action to initiate. By diving fearlessly into inspired action, we are able to help those around us even more. If this opportunity doesn’t seem to arise this week, spend time focusing on what you would like to change. The next full moon in November will be in Taurus, and will specifically bring about material or physical things that we require for our journey. What tools do you need? Are there objects or items that would allow you to bring more light into the world? Begin to set your intentions and clear away that which doesn’t serve. Material possessions are not inherently good or bad, but it is the feelings which arise in us by owning these things which can be positive or negative. If we use our possessions to make us feel better than others, or to strengthen the ego in other ways, this is not beneficial and can hold us back from doing good work. On the flip side, if we believe we are more spiritual than others for having fewer items, or for having certain kinds of items, we are falling into a trap as well. That which takes us further away from unity is illusion. We can begin to contemplate these things now during the Aries moon to make the Taurus full moon cycle more abundant next month.