April 14th-20th: Into the Fire

We begin this very active week with the Sun entering Aries early on Saturday the 14th, where it will remain until May 14th. The Sun is in exaltation in Aries, making this an easeful transit that flows without interference. The Sun entering Aries will have the effect of defining personal boundaries and helping to allow activity and action to be taken without as much emotional reactivity. The previous month amplified sensitivity, which allowed for greater empathy but also for more distraction. We will now be able to do our work in a more authoritative manner with added focus of purpose. With Mars in Sagittarius now, there is fire and passion that can work wonderfully for achieving goals and implementing physical change, although the current retrogrades may require that we move a bit slower in the process.

Mercury retrograde ends on Sunday the 15th, although we will be in the shadow period until May 5th. Coming out of Mercury retrograde will aid with mental focus and the ability to communicate our ideas and feelings to others with more clarity. Delays are lifted or softened. The shadow period is the time between when a retrograde ends and when the planet is able to get beyond the point it was at when the retrograde first began. We are retracing our steps, so to speak. Mercury is retracing the degrees of Pisces, finally moving forward to new ground on May 5th as it enters 23 degrees Pisces. This very long transit of Pisces is not the most comfortable territory for Mercury, who is debilitated in the sign. This lengthy transit (which will finally come to a close on May 9th, when Mercury enters Aries) places communication in a more emotional, intuitive realm. Interactions may be more abstract and not definite. It will be difficult to make plans, and we may need to wait a couple weeks until the shadow period ends to come at certain issues from a completely new perspective. We may get in our own way if we attempt to push for clear understanding in relationships or business dealings before then. A vague agreement may be all we can ask for until that point.

The new moon in Aries occurs on Sunday, bringing with it a renewed spark. This is the “spring cleaning” moon. Aries gives us physical vitality and strength, and the new moon is a time for shedding and removing what no longer aids us on our path. This is a useful day for literal spring cleaning of the house or environment, or for more energetic cleansing through exercise, stretching, or cleaner eating. It will be difficult to sit still during this day, however, and the mind may be restless. Channeled activity is a good idea; intentions that are set upon simplifying and purifying will have the best results. The moon will be at 2 degrees Aries in the lunar mansion of Aswini, the horse goddess. This is the first lunar mansion and so has a fresh, new energy. Aswini has a low tolerance for boredom and stagnation, and activity and action will spur us on throughout the day.

On Tuesday the 17th, Saturn will enter retrograde. Saturn’s retrograde takes place in Sagittarius, beginning at 16 degrees and traveling back to 9 degrees Sagittarius before resuming normal motion on September 6th. We will discuss this in depth over the next few weeks and months, checking in on its effects in tandem with the Jupiter retrograde that is still going strong. The main thing to remember during this time is that greater levels of freedom will be desired in different arenas of our lives (through the Jupiter retrograde), but the Saturn retrograde will force these to constrict more than is comfortable. This is an ongoing, give and take process that will slow down progress but not halt it. We may take two steps forward and then one back. Saturn will require us to deal with karmic work upfront and honestly. We are not able to skate by Saturn unnoticed into the wide open fields of Jupiter. We have to pay our toll and then are allowed to move forward. I will be doing a video post soon helping you to identify which areas of your life this retrograde may impact based on the house position of Saturn in your Vedic chart.

This intense week closes out with Venus entering Taurus on Friday the 20th. This transit lasts for roughly three and a half weeks. Venus rules over Taurus, and so is at home for the duration. This increases grounded creativity, allowing for more manifestation to occur in the physical realm. Venus is now well out of the combustion range from the Sun, helping the planet of love and beauty to shine fully in its own unique light. The Venusian energies pair perfectly with those of Taurus, resulting in sensuality and gentle, harmonious interactions should we allow them. This is a romantic transit, but is realistic at the same time. Taurus plants our feet firmly on the earth, and enhances creativity in a way that is intimately connected with the planet and the natural world. Music and dance will feel very natural, as will exercise and sport for others. This earthy transit balances out the more fiery, ungrounded energy coming from Sun in Aries and the Sagittarian Saturn retrograde. It gives us a definite, realistic outlet for our energy and creativity to flow.

April 7th-13th: Retrograde Season

This week is devoid of any new major transits of any kind. When there are no major planetary transits, this doesn’t necessarily equal a quiet week. We are still feeling the effects of the heavy Mars/Saturn contact from last weekend, and Mercury and Jupiter are still continuing their retrograde cycle. Saturn will be entering retrograde on April 17th, so it will be useful to utilize the time leading up to that to prep ourselves. We will dive more deeply into Saturn’s retrograde next week, but for now we will look a little into what we can expect.

Saturn’s retrograde cycle will take place in Sagittarius, beginning at 16 degrees and traveling all the way back to 9 degrees Sagittarius in September. Seeing as this retrograde will last five months, the lessons are spread out. While they may be intense, it differs from a Mercury retrograde, whose complexities are packed into just a few weeks. A Saturn retrograde is more like a good story, with an introduction, build-up, climax and conclusion.

Jupiter will be in retrograde with Saturn through mid-July, so the next few months will be more confusing, with greater clarity coming by the end of July. While Jupiter retrogrades affect our ability to expand our sphere of awareness and influence, Saturn retrogrades impact us on a more karmic level. Saturn tends to look for the chinks in our armor and remind us of them, sometimes in uncomfortable ways. In Sagittarius, the sign Jupiter rules over, Saturn is much more intimately connected with the Jupiter retrograde. While we may wish to expand our awareness, there are some issues in perspective that may hold us back from seeing the big picture. We’ll have to deal with our perceptions of ourselves and others. We can only see the world through the lens we are given, and it is up to us to keep this polished and clear. Our unique viewpoint allows us an individualized view of the world, but Jupiter longs for more. Jupiter wants to see things in an even wider scope. This will impact things like study, travel, business and expansion in literal and figurative ways.

If you look at your Vedic chart and see which house Sagittarius is in for you, you will be able to see where the Saturn retrograde will be operating. I will do a video soon about the different houses and how the Saturn retrograde could impact each.

In the Vedic world, Aries season does not begin until Saturday the 14th when the Sun enters the physical celestial zone of Aries in the night sky, actively beginning the solar sidereal calendar for the year. We are still in the Pisces zone of collective consciousness, and it is easy to sink a place of confusion or feel overwhelmed. There is a lot of energy zooming around, and more sensitive people could feel barraged by this. As more planets shift over into Aries, it should be easier to make a clear-cut choice and not be so influenced by others. Our energy will start to take on more pronounced boundaries.