March 10th-16th: Go Deep

This week belongs to the Piscean waters, with the Sun entering the Vedic territory of Jupiter-ruled Pisces on Wednesday the 14th. The Sun joins Mercury and Venus here in Pisces, which has the impact of heightening our awareness and sensitivity. Pisces is attuned to the collective consciousness and so feels the plight of all of humanity. This is helpful for healing and for delving deeply into situations to understand them on a greater level. Pisces is changeable and oscillates between many facets, so it will be more challenging to remain stable and fixed of purpose while the Sun transits the watery realm (until April 13th).

In order to successfully work with the energies this month, you will need to surrender yourself to the current and allow it to carry you downstream. This requires faith and confidence in your own ability to handle whatever comes your way. It will be difficult to navigate through if you are not willing to dive in deep. Surface level interactions with others will be few and far between. This combination of Sun, Mercury and Venus being in Pisces for the next two weeks will propel nearly every contact we make into the unfathomable depths. This can relate to emotional connections, intimacy or spiritual revelation. As we work through this transit, we will find the ties we have to others may shift or fall away. Jupiter, Pisces’ ruling planet, is currently in retrograde as it passes back through Libra. This retrograde will directly influence the Pisces season, and can rearrange our desires and partnerships in surprising ways. By holding too tightly to previous ideas or expectations, we can create unnecessary suffering for ourselves. This is such a changeable time; if you are not happy with the way things are shifting, hold on – you may discover that they shift back before July when the retrograde ends.

We are working our way toward the new moon in Pisces next weekend, the final new moon of the current astrological cycle. This is a time for shedding, and allowing all that does not serve us to fall away. This may require sacrifice or compromise, but will allow room for renewed passion and energy to come in for the upcoming Aries transit. We will have to look deep into ourselves and allow healing to occur. More on the Piscean new moon to come in next week’s forecast.