March 24th-30th: Slow and Steady

We are in the process of a slow, deliberate energetic build this week. While there are not many planetary contacts or transits to speak of, the main feeling is one of gathering energy and beginning to formulate the next step of the journey. The last two weeks were slower and more internal, but now we are beginning to move toward action. This requires beginning to take notice of the external world and figuring out how we fit in with it. Whatever we hope to manifest in the world can be helped along by now focusing our attention on the things around us: people, places, situations.

Venus shifts into Aries this week on Monday the 26th. This is a speedy transit, only lasting until April 19th. From March 1st to now, Venus was exalted in Pisces. When a planet is exalted during a transit through a sign, its energy can be expressed gracefully, easily and in a way that is simple for most people to navigate (unless their own birth chart is dissonant to it). Now in Aries, Venus’s energies are diminished slightly, though are by no means restricted. Aries is more direct and action-oriented, and typically we are inspired to take chances or risks during a transit of the first sign of the zodiac. Venus impacts our relationships and partnerships, as well as our eye to see art, beauty and the divine. Aries is so driven and fiery that it can be difficult for the energy to slow down to give an adequate look at the big picture. With Venus traveling through its zone, the Aries energy can best be honed by taking skillful and deliberate action rather than flailing about in an effort to do something, anything. It’s a restless vibration, which can make some uncomfortable. It can feel as though we can’t do enough when it comes to our creativity and intimate relationships. There may be too many plans and not enough time in the day to accomplish them, or so it could seem.

The key here is to lower the expectations slightly. Instead of trying to keep the next twenty steps in your mind’s eye, look at the next few. It will be easier to accomplish more once the Sun enters Aries in mid-April. Venus is acting as a scout here, and allows us to take the preliminary steps while we may wait until later in April to take tremendous leaps. These baby steps are absolutely necessary, and can lay the groundwork for positive change later on. By trying to leap too soon, we may stumble and set ourselves back. Consider this as you interact with those closest to you, and as you work on creative type projects this week and next.