July 22nd-28th: True Rest

Saturday is a hotbed of cosmic activity, bringing the New Moon in Cancer and a heady Mercury/Rahu conjunction/Ketu opposition. Mercury impacts the communication front, and when it is powerfully activated by the karmic poles of Ketu and Rahu, the veil between self and others is strengthened. This intensifies the idea of separation and differences between individuals. Ketu’s influence will make it very easy to fall back into old habits and ways of thinking. Rahu is driving us forward to find a new method of interacting with our own thoughts, and a way out of the vicious Ouroboric cycle. Thankfully, this new moon offers guidance and light despite its apparent darkness in the starry sky.

The moon rules over Cancer, and is contented by its placement here in conjunction to the Sun. Cancer new moons are emotional times when we are called on to nurture ourselves and others, and reconsider the concept of what this means to us. Not everyone feels comforted by the same things. What makes you feel nurtured? It is a busy, active time in the cosmos right now, and it may feel as if you have to stay on a tight schedule to fit everything in. Remember that plants that are nurtured become larger, stronger and more lovely.  This moon invites us to figure out what we need in our life to feel comforted, relaxed and balanced. We are more productive as individuals and more helpful to others when we are able to give ourselves some time to recuperate.

This moon allows us to come at the Mercury issues with a level of compassion. We may feel divided from others, but we’re given an opportunity to look into this divide deeply and see it with new eyes. Not everyone will take the time to do this, but it is possible to diffuse arguments and difficult situations during the next two weeks using this technique.

On Monday, Venus opposes Saturn in retrograde. Relationship issues from the past are replaying with more intensity right now. Some of the details may shift but the heart of the problem remains the same. This is a tremendous opportunity for growth, since the parallels will be very obvious if you take a moment to look. This doesn’t even require deep analysis of personality or behavior. Consider clearing your mind through meditation or restful activity.

On Wednesday, Venus shifts into Gemini, a spot that is very pleasing to the planet of beauty. Gemini is a naturally curious home for Venus, who will stay here until August 20th. Venusian aesthetics combine with the intellectual playground of Gemini to ignite the need for visual stimulation. You may find yourself considering a change of appearance, or wanting to overhaul your external trappings to some degree. There is also a great need to connect with others intellectually, and engage in playful banter. Gemini is happy when it’s busy and networking, so this pulls our relationships out into the world more. We are brought together with those of like mind, and should feel free to relax into these relationships and enjoy them as they unfold, rather than trying to mold them or freeze the moment in time.